Monday, March 28, 2011

3/28 - Weather Opposite?.....that's unusual

Had Doug Gross,  and family aboard today. The forecast....well I even listed it in yesterday's report.  It didn't sound all that great. "Over-cast, rain, and NW winds 10-15 knots." Well, we had the over cast skies, we didn't get the rain, and the wind never blew 10-15 knots from the NW. It was actually pretty damn calm out there. I told my crew, "Wow, this was a weather guessers forecast, the other way for once." 

We headed straight for the end of the jetties. We were the second boat there. I went to go get on the hot spot, but was fooled by the light NE breeze we had, and no current. And I didn't want to sit with the boat spinning for the next 2 hours. So I moved up and anchored, and at the same time relinquished the spot to the guy that was there before us, as the current started running, an hour or so later. Huge mistake!!!!!!

I would never have guessed that one guy in a small boat would sit on the same exact spot for 6 solid hours...or that he even knew any better.

It was one of those "you would had to have been there kinda things." I can't explain the details. So at first we sat in some really nice current without anyone getting even a 3" Seabass.

(OH.....BTW. The nasty, scummy, scourge of the river finally, have arrived. Forgot to mention it yesterday. SMALL BLUEFISH!  You may not mind them, but I do.  Because I'm a Trout Angler at heart. I shouldn't have to say a word more.)

So we made a move back, and the guys still didn't get anything. Every fish at the jetties was stacked up in a 100 foot circle in one spot. And since I leave the "coneheading" of others to a select group, we stayed put and I told the guys, "PULL UP...and let me cast back for ya."  And that's all it took. And in no time, FISH-ON!!


One after another, 28", 29", 31"....I don't know exactly how many we caught. But after awhile, we all kinda agreed that it would be cool to try for something else, for the fish box. Since we didn't get a Drum, or a Sheepshead. But we did get a few really nice Whiting.

So I pulled anchor and tried a shallower spot for awhile.......ZIP. The Whiting were loving that deeper swifter water. So we went back towards the end of the jetties and sat there till we had around 20 Whiting, which were chewin pretty good. And the tide slowed. And that's when the Whiting bite shut down.

They weren't beach silver Whiting, but rather regular ole "boat" Whiting. And the neat thing about catching a mess of these was no long ride all the way to Nassau Sound, either. But right there next to where we caught all the Reds.

So since the tide dropped off, and now the air temp dropped with it. We headed back so I could make 40 Whiting fillets, and they could have a fish fry later.

Not a bad day at all. But next time I'm anchoring a 'pup tent' and not leaving the hole, either!

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