Tuesday, March 29, 2011

3/29 - One less chore.....

I don't mind cleaning charter clients fish for them. As I do it on a "gratuity basis" after each charter day is complete. I know there's local guides out there that don't. I'm not sending my clients to grandma's condo where they could be staying with a cooler full of dead fish.

Even though I do have a rule of thumb when it comes to these nasty knife ruiners (Sheepshead) of only 3 per boat, that I'll clean, without fish cleaning "mutiny", and complaints.

But, then again that's why I love Trout...They're EZ to clean!"  

There's allot of  things I'd rather do than sharpen knives. I seem to do allot of sharpening. And it's one of those things that have lots of variables.
-The right stone
-The right angle
-The right blade
-Wet stone
-Or Oil stone

You can if ya want spend a good amount of money, if your gonna do it right and twice as much money, if you want to do it FAST.

With that said, The #1 selling products in the world are convienence products. It's what makes the whole world go round.  Yeah, I'm not always into haw fast and cheap can I get a job done. But when it comes to Knife Sharpening...I"M YER HUCKLEBERRY! IF YOU HAVE A QUICK AND CHEAP WAY.

So, in my endless search to get away from grinding down my Dexter-Russell Carbon steel fillet knife to even a thinner blade, day after day. I found this:

http://www.havalon.com/ - I'd check them out,  if you're anything like I am. I did my due diligence, and researched them as much as I could on the world wide web. And liked what I saw.

After watching a TV show on what's the "worlds sharpest" on the science channel. I learned allot. And these blades fall into the catagory, but are not a a Japenese Samuri swords either. But then again, I'm not chopping fish in half, either. So a company that makes surgical blades for scalples, that is venturing out into other blade needy worlds, I thought was innovative.

So far.....

PROS:  Surgical sharpness right off the bat. A new blade can be changed on handle in seconds. Light weight. EZ cleaning. Non-corrosive.

CONS: The fillet knife is only 5 inches. But they "are" looking into making a longer blade. Is it really as flexible as needed to skin a Yellowmouth Trout? How is such a thin blade, when it comes to popping through some bones?

Well, I'll answer that for you, when I get mine. I'll do a video review and possibly even fillet a fish for ya "LIVE", on the video.


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