Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The JETTYWOLF's new chum chopper

As a plate alloy boat owner, I've always liked what I saw down in Austrialia and New Zealand. Of course plate alloy welded boats are works of art down there. And there's every concievable size and dimension. Those builders/fabricators are so innovative, also.

I saw a chum chopper built into the swim platform of many a alloy boats down there. And after much diliberation, and planning I said, "this was the summer that I'll have to get one made.

For ten years I had a Dennis Braid (an Aussie big game angler and tackle manufacture, out of California) Chum-Mate made of plastic on the stern of my ole MayCraft 23 CC. I don't know how I went so many summers without one and now I don't have too.

I made this video for my fellow aluminumalloyboats.com brothern. My second life, is a member of this "like minded clan" of  world wide alloy boat builders, owners and anglers. And I can discuss alloy boats with friends across the globe.

I'll post the video here, to show you how easy it is to customize an alloy boat. (and I have other additions in the works) If it isn't about making my boat functional, it's not worth doing. FUNCTION IS BEAUTY, in my mind.  Always has been, always will be.

Pogies are free, and old left over bait is freezable.  From Redbass, to Tarpon. Chumming is easy with the right tool.

Enjoy.... Chum chopper 101

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