Saturday, April 2, 2011

4/2 - Parking Lot Event??

Whewwwww....was the jetties a parking lot today. We had boats pull up along side us and anchor, boats pull up right behind us where we were tossing out behind the boat, boats parked in front of us. And this was only when we were bottom fishing along the north Jetty.

Oh, that's why I love my "float-rig" fishing so much. Most of the time we can be tucked away and fishing on our own piece of water. And that's how we started the day. Float-rig fishing.  But that sure was slow.....

I had Ryan and Mike aboard, and they were drifting float rigs out with the current behind the boat to a point of rocks. Nothing was happening. I knew fish were back there. And as I told the guys on the way out this morning, "I am your ringer...." So I picked up my rod and made a few drifts. A Redfish, a Trout, and a Sheepshead later. It was real evident fish were back there.  Sometimes it be that way. But it's understandable. The fish weren't carpeting the bottom by now means, weren't suicidal either. And if it's all new to you, it can take awhile to get into the groove. I don't expect everyone to be an expert at what we're doing. But I will show you that fish are there.

I believe Ryan caught a few "shorts" that didn't measure 15". And then we made a move. Mike still had to connect. And at the next drop of the anchor he did. And it was a real nice fattie.

I told Mike I chopped the top of his head off taking the photo, so I took another just to get a better shot.

It didn't take long, for the current to die on the spot, with the west wind pushing. So we stayed at it a while longer, without another keeper. Only "shorts".  Damn, one thing is for sure. In consistency sure is running rampid, out there. Things change over night at the jetties.

Just like the arrival of the scourgy Bluefish.One day there isn't a one. Then the next day, they're everywhere. Up in the rocks we never had a Bluefish bite. But as the boat swung out deep, I could literally see huge clouds of Bluefish schools on my sounder in 20 feet. Make a cast with the float rig out to them,  and yep. It's a confirmed Bluefish school......the float disapears, and ya' got one hooked up, instantly!

As the tide started to fall we made our way  inside the rocks. Time to bottom fish. And as it turned out, time for some I.G. - instantaneous gratification. Ryan drops a dead shrimp down, and gets instantly hooked up on a whopper Red.
We had a few mess ups and tangles, and had a double header of Reds too. And the second one fell out of the net, as I dipped up Mike's Red, right as the tide was perfect.

We boxed a Whiting and a Black Drum, but the boats surrounding us  had it where I certainly couldn't get any wiggle room. We were limited to where we could even cast, everyone was so damn close. Weekends are such a "me, me, me" time out there. That not many people have any shame. They have to park  on top of you. And at the same time, we sat in a non-vortex of current. Which is a fancy way of saying the opposite of what I really wanted. But I wasn't about to move. With so many other boats thinking this is the only spot to fish.

We saw a boat behind us a good ways haul in a giant Black Drum......probably 50 pounds(?) I'm still waiting for one. They sure ain't thick like they used to be years ago. When were ever you looked, someone was hooked up to one. It's definately their time of year.

Mike was ready to go, so pulled my anchor thru the maze of boats and we headed back to "make the donuts".
Here's the keepers we had. Actually a perfect amount for a decent fish fry for Ryan and Mike.

Turned out to be a really nice day on the water.
COOL and almost a bit too cool for me this morning. Ryan and Mike were two really good guys, we all had fun.

So, next up is Monday with the Tanner clan, Greg, Duncan and Wesley. Usually my 4th of July week folks. But, they're trying it during spring break this year too. (It's at least cooler than during July!)  Hope the winds stay low and Monday should be back to work for everyone else. So less boats, and more wiggle room.  

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