Thursday, March 31, 2011

Parking Lot event: APRIL 16

Gander Mountain, up near the Jax Airport will be having a Parking Lot Event on April 16th. Sales, Manufactures reps. and free seminars. I have been invited to speak on the topic of my choice..."and ya know what that is, Float-rigging!" So if you're not fishing the Redfish Spots Tournament. And really don't want to be out on the water with 450 other boats. (That's a big reason I volunteered to go to Gander Mountain) I'll be up there and scheduled to do a free seminar at 10am 

Ya'll can probably figure, that I can do an hours standing on my head about Float-rig fishing. And if you've been to any other free seminars I've done before you are guaranteed to learn a new trick or two.

I also sent out one of my announcements about the event. To all my Blog readers. 

I'm now looking forward to doing a Video Review on that razor sharp surgical steel fillet knife I ordered. So with Spring, things start shaking. I have a good start on days booked up for April. But still if you want to get the best "TIDES" reserve your personal private charter well in advance.

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