Saturday, April 23, 2011

4/22 - as long as the tide ebbed....

Had "fishing crazed" Erica J. on board again, along with cousin Curtis, Erica's Daughter and Yvonne (forgot which relation she was) So it was the 3 gal's and Curtis and myself. We departed out of Sisters Creek. And made a b-line for the jetties.
Officially, low tide was at 0733 hrs. So we didn't have much time to catch the falling tide or what would be left of it upon our arrival.

I knew the last minutes of the falling tide would be "our best bet". As this isn't my first rodeo...and my third day in a row this week out there. The flood tide bottom fishing has been really tough.

I quickly got into position, and dropped anchor. I had a bucket of small fresh dead pogies from the day before. I pinned them on and cast out far behind the boat.

Instantly!!!! We had rod benders on and hooked up. But THREE in a row got off. Ya' gotta let these big fish bend that rod, and when they torque the rod over, that means they have the bait in their mouth. So a few simple mistakes later. And I said, "Just let the rod bow over...pick it up and keep the rod bent and the line tight." 

That's how Curtis boated the first one at nearly 33 inches.  His side of the boat was the hot side. And not long after as the tide really slowed, he boated our only Black Drum.

Usually, Erica and crew is looking for some "box" fish. Also know as "keepers", for a fish fry. But as the water warms and we get  closer and closer to deep summer. The harder it gets to catch allot of "box" fish along the jetties and river.

MOST Redfish are always too big to keep. (18-27" with tail pinched is a keeper.) And what it seems is most Reds out there are always 28-30 plus, plus inches.

We could have pursued more Reds. But I was working as hard as I could on getting them Black Drum and Whiting. As many as I could, for that fish fry. But, during a hard rising flood tide, it was very difficult.

We did box a handful of Whiting for the frying pan, and even kept a few decent sized Bluefish.

The last time Erica and Curtis went with me, we did okay on the pup Black Drum back when it was much cooler. And it was exactly the same deal, a tad of falling tide and the rest of the day a rising tide. But the difference now was, it's more like summer.

Boats were EVERYWHERE, being that so many people were off of work I guess.

The next trip with Erica and Curtis and whomever. Could be less on "box fish" and more on just big fish. Erica is a fishing gal 150%. So maybe, a bit of knock-down drag out sharkin' and chum fishing will be in order??? 

It's not like the jetties to let ya go home, with out a struggle. And as I went to depart the outside south of the south jetty my anchor was hung on a cable or something. So after some team work, all hands on deck and on the anchor line. I free'd what ever was hung on my anchor.  Can't loose the "man-maker", my 25lb. grapnel and 12 foot of chain. It's the only anchor I have that'll hold a full boat in a screaming falling tide with wind.

NEXT UP:  Monday with a creek fisherman, "gone jetty'fied" and a guest. I guess everyone will be back to work then? We'll have falling tide 95% of the day. I may or may not bring the float-rig rods. Targeting real light tackle B-I-G, Reds in the deep and "structurfied" jetties.

Thanks again, Erica.
It was a HOOT!

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