Monday, April 25, 2011

4/25 - From December

Had Christian L. and his step father aboard today. Christian recieved a Gift Certificate his co-workers got for him back in December.

Christian is a creek, lure only angler. So, this couldn't be more day and night, for him. I don't creek fish, and ""I"" throw a lure now and then, but not with customers.

Oh.... December 2010, the winter of the Black Drum at the jetties. If ya'll need a reminder, CLICK HERE!

Well, I wanted and liked the falling tide along the jetties. I wanted to exploit it to it's fullest. So upon arrival we had someone right where I wanted to anchor already. EARLY BIRDS, even on Monday's get first dibbs. But we got a late start, not exactly departing at 7am sharp. But it all worked out anyhow. Because of anchors slipping and the opportunity arose for me to slip right into where I wanted to be. 100% politely.

First fish. Black Drum and a nice one, too.

Super clean and good looking fish. A perfect eater size. was really "rolling" out there at the tip of the jetties. The river was dead flat, but not out there. The S.E. wind wasn't even that bad. So maybe the wind blew during the night making these swells come in from afar. That's why Christians step father is sitting down. "He couldn't even stand up." I told him "Sears sells Sea-legs." That's my standard joke.

Then, came a Whiting. Nice size on, and I only wish they'd come through carpeting the bottom. Cuz, they are sooo good to eat. I had fried Whiting smothered in some Zaterains country fish fry mix the other night and they were awesome. Between a Potato roll and a melted slice of cheeze and a dab of spicey mustard. MMM, good!

Christian was working his spinning rod. I had a few frozen Pogies from Friday, left over. Yeah, can ya believe a spinner rig on the Float-freaks boat?? The only other person who brings a spinner on my boat is DOA Rob. But as hard as he tried lobbing the weak pogies to the rocks, he still came up empty.

I was feeling like usual,  "we need more DRUM!", so I pitched out another dead shrimp and squid combo meal. And handed the rod over to Christains step dad (wish I could remember his name). He was a self proclaimed NON-fisherman. And there was a big "RB" on the other end of the line.  O.J.T. - on the job training. I taught him how to reel in a big fish, right then. And he did good, as we bobbed in the seas.
Not really wanting to fish. Christians step father wanted to be dropped off. It definately meant lost falling tide time. You're always on a tight schedule out there. So that's what he wanted so I drove back to the dock and back out to the rocks again. We went and looked quickly for some Pogie schools on the noth side, and then the southside. It was a SNIPE hunt. So we came back to the rocks and re-anchored.

Christian worked his spinning rod and a jig, and I float-rigged down the jetty. I got not a single taker, and he caught a Bluefish that ate the jig off his line. I left a bottom bait out and we picked up one more Whiting. And that was it. He had to head in and it wasn't like there was a huge bite going on anyhow. So we packed it in. Damn, this week along the rocks have been tough. My buddies even tell me Nassua Sound is about dead on Whiting, because the jacks, blues and ladyfish and even the bonnetheads have taken over.  But I did see a monster Pompano come from there today.

Anything like Cobia hunting is considered the same as a Tarpon/Shark trip "price wise". For all the fuel that can be consumed. Hell, Pogies can be a trek too, if they can't be found near the jetties.  

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