Thursday, April 7, 2011

4/7 - whoopin them, with our Ugly Stiks

Had everything that could go wrong, actually go wrong, with a booked charter for today.  (instead we're heading out Friday, now)
So Doc Miller and I headed out. And like I told him, "It's all about T-ROUTZ! Don't  care about anything else!"

Doc is heading back to the mountains later this week. So my "fellow trout fishing float freak" won't be around, till next fall again. So he needed a last hurrah. Head out with a B-A-N-G.


We tossed our float-rigs up to the rocks with live shrimp pinned on the hooks and for the next hour and a half it was nothing but Shooting Trout in a Rain Barrel!! 

We boxed our limit in what seemed like minutes, tossed a good handful back that were not making the grade, and just kept on going till  we had our fill, and the bite slowed down. It was one of those EPIC mornings. Not a soul around, no wind at all, a bit cool, and the water was like swimming pool. We could actually see the Trout in the water a boat length away.

OH.....then there was those damn Brutus T. Redbass. That got in the way. Yep... See, to a die hard Trout angler, Redbass put up too much of a fight. That 10 minutes that you take messing around with a 30 plus inch Red, you could in all reality put 3 more Trout in the boat. "If ya get bit." And even though we had our limit plus all we wanted after that. Trout is what we live for. Not Reds. Heck, I watch Louisiana Sportsman TV, and the guides over there say the exact same thing when they hang a monster mauler on super light tackle. WHY? Because down deep, they're Trout anglers, too.

But, actually. Today was the first time I've had multiples of "keeper" slot sized Redfish, also. We got our limit of two Reds easily. In between the 10-15 other ones, from 16" to 32". The keepers were my kind of Reds too. Perfect, 20 something inchers. Good eater types.

Then, as out of no where we had 5 boats near us. But by then, we were about done on this spot. So we made a move. Doc caught a Sheepshead on the ole Float-rig. But really at this point in the tide we could have gone home. But, like a crazed fish nut that I am, I talked him into hitting a big time Redbass hole......"Jus for the fun of it." Since the Trout bite was over. Why not take advantage of more line rippers????

So we picked up anchor for only the second time all day and made the move. And I was dead on, right. MO'  REDS!  And toss in a Ring-tailed Porgie for good luck and some large for around here, this early in the spring, Bluefish. Yeah, the bluefish are real "rip yer shorts, and steal yer hook size."  I'd just as soon catch a Jack......or a cold. But heck, they're out there so we  better get used to their mass invasion.

It was one hell of a great day to send Doc back to the mountains with.  And till next fall he'll have to live vicariously through these blog posts, if he wants to see what the trout are doing.

We came back to the dock, and did a VIDEO on cleaning the fish with my new HAVALON knife. The one I've been raving about.
Well let me tell you..."Do you think a fillet knife can change your life, as a fisherman?"


It can change the way you clean fish 100%. It can change your life, really fast if you slip and cut your hand off too! It's deadly sharp. Hell, this is a knife that has S.S. surgical razor sharp replaceable blades!!  As I used it, we videoed my very first time. And I hope it comes out okay and you can see how good this thing works.

So, stay tuned for the video coming soon.

I've reccomended rods, reels, boats, line, all before. But at the same time people get what they get and use what they use. But this Havalon Fillet knife will be like gold to me in my charter business, now. It changes the way I feel about fish cleaning. I'm really amazed it took this long to come to market,  and for me to get one.

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