Friday, April 8, 2011

4/8 - OH, the inconsistency!!

TWENTY FOUR HOURS LATER. FROM YESTERDAY'S ONSLAUGHT OF PURE WHOOPASS. I had Malcolm and Barry aboard for some what I thought  "super" float-rig fishing action.

Well, let me tell ya. It was just the opposite. (Please read yesterday's report, 4/7. Before continuing)

Okay, I assume you followed directions.
Well the only difference I can see between yesterday and today's fishing in general was;

4/7 - rising tide in the "am".  Tide height3.8 feet. High tide at 12:44pm Mayport.

4/8 - rising tide in the "am".  Tide height:  3.5 feet. High tide at 1:24pm Mayport.

Add in a possible pressure difference and what do you have?   NO CURRENT.  What's the ole rule of thumb I go by?  "If you don't have at least 4 feet of water movement, you have no current at all.

Well, toss that out of the window for yesterday. But today, it was apparent enough to choke on.

But, the Jettywolf doesn't give up all that easily. We fished and fished. No real Trout bites at all. So I took Barry's line and tossed it out deep. And he caught a few small Yellowmouth Trout, and a Bluefish. Yeah, we could barely buy even a Bluefish bite.

But the pattern if any was unclear. Because there was no pattern! Nothing to pick up on. Then, Barry was feeling sea-sick. So I took over on his rod. Fishing hard  along with Malcolm. Catching a small Speck at first. Then, came a few Sheepshead for Malcolm.

Then another Yellowmouth. But no Speckled Trout that were so ravinous yesterday in absolutely No Tide at all!

So we kept on. Getting a few bites here and there. Malcolm worked as hard as I was. And the story goes like this; IF I'M NOT CATCHING THEM. HOUSTON? WE HAVE A PROBLEM. 

Then, Malcolm caught this  whopper Sheepshead. That pulled really hard and I thought it was a big Redbass. Hoped it was a monster Trout. But no,it was a 7 pound 7-striped jetty snapper.

We made a few moves, and then came a decent Speckled Trout, and a pup sized Red. In between a few Bluefish.

The problem was the lack of bites and burned  into even my "short term" memory was just 24 hours ago. When the Trout, and Reds were chewing like mad.

But heck, that's fishing right?

Either way we had a nice lil' box of fish to included 3-4 Yellowmouths, a big fat speck, and two sheepshead that I cleaned. So the guys could head over to Singletons Seafood Shack and get them cooked up for a late lunch.

Okay....I have a one person trip tomarrow on Saturday. The rising tide won't be till at least 10am. So we'll be catching a 4.1 foot falling tide early in the morning. So "bottom fishing" here we come!

Momma said there will be days like this.

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