Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Got my Havalon "surgical blade" fillet knife today. It's wickedly sharp!!!!  Allot sharper than any fillet knife I have ever seen. It feels good in the hand, "super light weight" with a really nice grip.

As soon as I can, I'll be doing a fish filleting review via VIDEO.
Is this a JETTY wolf??

I'll also be bringing it with me to Gander Mountain for show and tell on April 16th, during their Parking Lot Event.

Although, they don't sell them. I believe I can sneak it in to my seminar, about Float-rig fishing.

I hope this is the end of my constant knife sharpening chores. But then again, if all I ever had to clean was big fat Speckled Trout, I'm sure my knives wouldn't be constantly needing sharpening.

But those dang Sheepshead scales and bones are fine bladed fillet knife blade ruiners.

Now, if my blade gets dull, just switch it out to a brand new surgically sharpened blade! And proceed...

Blade changing: http://www.havalon.com/howtoreblvi.html


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