Wednesday, May 4, 2011

5/4 - Vacation?

Had me a nice little vacation for a week.....nothing going on, except some really goofy calls.

"Hi, is this Capt Dave?" (I'm the only one ever answering my own cell phone.)
"I wanna do a 1/2 day for 8 people tomarrow morning." 
(this is what I meant by, goofy.)

Kids haven't busted outa school yet, and if there is a vacation season this year at all, it hasn't started yet.

Took the time to get all new bait tanks. I like the fact that I can call Tom of Keepalive, get the best prices, and get the items shipped from Tampa to me thewnext day delivery.

My bait tanks were all messed up....aka: "Redneck Rigged"
Or at least one was, so I went ahead and just started new for the two I have carry on board.

One is always for live shrimp, and now the other is a Pogie Tank. Using all the right components from Keepalive. Thanks to Tom.

Pogies (Menhaden...."BUNKA" to the Northerners) are a real sissy bait. Needing lots of recirculating water, water flowing in a direction, and a good turn-over of water in the whole tank. To keep amonia, scales and slime, to a minimum.

(here's an example of a big $$ set up)
But any round tank can be converted.

I took a brand new Keepalive 14 gallon tank, added a directional flow fitting, and a large over-flow water discharge fitting. Yeah, a 14 gallon tank isn't going to hold allot of pogies, but it works for me.

I also have the pump that supplies this water (my washdown pump) on a timer. Once I get the water clear in the tank, the timer can be set to run for one minute, and be off 3, 5, or 7 minutes saving valuble pump wear and tear and battery power.

This tank will also be holding Threadfin Herring (know as greenies, locally) and Mullet, as the summer progress'.


But, it's summer, now. 

Looking forward to a few "smoka's"

Busy, busy , busy, starting Thursday.

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