Sunday, May 8, 2011

5/8 - Mother's Day

As usual, if the weather's good. I took my Mom fishing. Dad came along too, of course. I put in early and then they came down to the boat ramp around 9:00am. In the mean time I just looked around.

It was super nice, and I figured the river would be busy. But it wasn't. Mom only fishes a few hours. So with the rising tide I took her to a spot that's easy to floatrig fish at the jetties. We weren't tight on the anchor line but 5 minutes when she hooks up with a 27-1/4 inch Redbass.

Thrilled as all get-out, she fought this fish with all she had. I coached her, and helped of course. But she's caught Reds before. Her largest many moons ago being a deep water Bull Red, 30 pounds with 150 something spots on it. It's been awhile though. Not all Mother's Days are slick calm, cool, with a light westerly breeze.  But today was!

This spot just isn't what it has been in years past. I know, because it's my favorite spot. And I track it year to year. It's giving up just enough decent fish to keep it interesting. But putting on a "fishing clinic" here hasn't been it's forte, as it has in year past. So far this year.

I released the fish, and got her back going again. Then came her favorite. A Ladyfish. She likes them because they jump so much. She got this one to the boat and then it jumped off the hook. THIS WAS THE FIRST LADYFISH OF 2011 FOR ME. I think it's about a month late like everything else.

We spotted a big Tarpon roll behind us, as the mullet poured by the boat. Jacks and Ladies ought to be everywhere with all this bait around. And that's when she hooked only the second Jack of the year. And the first came but just 50 yards from where we were on April 15th. That's a hell off a spread of days between each catch. Which is really weird.
The Jack kicked her butt too. Showing it's ability to be a "yellow submarine" if it wants.
A few bites later and dad catching a handful of small bait stealers had the spot slow down to nothing as the tide got higher. Just the opposite of what I'm used to through out the past years.

But things change. Fishing is a cyclical thing. So after adjusting and moving a bit around the area with no more action. Mom was ready to head in.

I'm glad this year the weather was perfect. And glad to get her out there. Both Mom and Dad got a reminder of how much work it is justto  take 2 people fishing for a few hours.

I say "reminder" because sometimes people forget that this is a J-O-B. Not some thrill a minute, glamorous hobby made into a lavish life style. When my back is killing me from pulling on anchor lines for 3 days, and never sitting down for 10 hours except in my truck for the ride to and from the boat ramp. I'm glad they got to see what it's all about.

Next up:
2 guys on Monday morning. I like a Monday!


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