Saturday, May 7, 2011

5/7 - "FIRSTS"

Had Mathew H. his brother and dad aboard today. It was a really nice day, but it was "packed". I was told there was two tournaments going on, on top of it being a nice Saturday.  After some big winds and seas early this week.

We started on the last of the falling tide, float-rig fishing. Had to get the guys "in the know", for later when they'd have to know what they were doing. A few bites, but nothing serious. Then, we tried a spot during the slack tide, and bottom fished. I was hoping one of them would hit a Black Drum or Sheepshead, a few Sewabass later it was time to move on as the tide changed.

The went and looked to get "pogied up". Running North of the North Jetty to find some Pogies for Redbass. The Pogies were there, for sure. Deep, scattered and I caught 3. Time was of the essence, and this "snipe hunt" was taking too long. So with our 3 Pogies we stopped along the North Jetty and pitched them out. BLUEFISH! They chomped each Pogie in half. If the Blues were in there forget about getting a bait to the Reds. So we quickly shifted gears again.....

Back to the float-rigs. The tide wasn't exactly screaming, but we pushed the spot to work. Mathews rod went doubled, his reel was a buzzing. What ever just took his float down was a HOSS! He did great battling in on the light tackle. The fish came right by the boat and under water about 2 foot. I'm looking, ready with the net. Thinking this has to be a monster Redbass. When I see it and it's no Redbass. But rather a Tarpon!!  And right then the fish comes unbuttoned. Mathew looks at his hook and the point of the hook is missing, broke right off.

Hell, we're fishing for Reds, Trout, Sheepshead and use a small easily carried hooks for these small live shrimp. But the steel like jaws of the Tarpon broke the hook point clean off.

FIRST OF THE YEAR, NUMBER ONE.  First Tarpon hook up of 2011. And the Tarpon never jumped, either and thank goodness it didn't, or it would have been surely gone. It looked like a "crowd pleaser" , aka: a small 30-40 incher.

Then, a few Reds were caught. And can ya believe they were perfect keepers too at identical 26-1/2 inchers.

Then, not long after Mathews brother hits a nice fish and can ya believe it's the years first Pompano on the float-rig!

FIRST, NUMBER TWO. A fine eating, delicacy, is what a Pompano is. I usually will have caught many pomps during April. But as usual, nothing is ever the same year to year around here. And the inconsistancies, I suppose make us better anglers. But are frustrations in my book.

Another Red comes to the boat, but it was a small one.

Then, Mathews dad catches a small Sheepshead and about then the tide completely slows to a crawl. The boat swings and right there may have been our window on this spot.

I look around, there's boats everywhere. So we might as well stay put.

The schools of Mullet were pouring by us, along with cow nosed rays. "Hell with Pogies, the Mullet are every where." But they are completely unmolested as usual. There's not even Jack Cravalles busting them. I'd think the Jacks would be here and we'd be catching them. But I've had one caught and that was back on the 15th of April.

Not much went on after the current slacked where we were. So we headed back to the dock.

Next up:
Taking my Mother out on Sunday, and then have 2 guys on Monday.

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