Monday, June 20, 2011

6/20 - Aluminum boat education:

"Dat's the largest aluminum boat I've ever seen..."

Yep, I get that daily from people at the bait shop. Which is wrong, because they see at least the Pilot boats in Mayport and they're all plate aluminum.

The Mary P.

She's the second largest Sportfisherman in the world at 122', and was built by Trinity Yachts based in Gulfport, Mississippi. She was actually built at Trinity's New Orleans yard and launched in 2008. She's owned by a Louisiana oilman, Daryl Pennington, which is a good thing since she uses a whole lot of what he sells. I read that she holds 7000 gallons of fuel so you could buy a nice boat for $30,000 OR top off the Mary P,  ONCE, for the same cash!

MORE, to see how the other half lives?

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