Saturday, June 18, 2011

6/18 - Lately......

Went North during the full moon days, needed to try something else to get away from the current in the river. IE: 6 ounces to catch a Whiting or Pompano at the Jetties.

That's a little "ludicrous", in my book.
Not all that much going on at Nassau Sound, for me. Some Whiting and Bonnetheads for a 18 mile one way trip up the ICW.

Did a 2 hour kids trip today. And I was glad. My momma always said, "please don't run away and join the circus, Davey"
Well, in the hard west winds today the boat ramp was definitely "A CIRCUS". Another reason I love deep, deep winter when it's cold. My pregnant customer Stacy, today had to walk really far because there wasn't any where to park at 8am.

Ya, think the Mayport Boat ramp has officially been out-grown? I think so.

She brought her brother and his kids for one of my 2 hr. KIDS trips. For small kids under 10, and just long enough but not too long before they start to cry and moan. Not enough people do them, and press to do a 6 hr day with little kids. Ya know everyone's children are not Roland Martin or the next Bill Dance (TV bass fisherman, for you that don't know who they are) But rather are impatient, and need loads of action, and small fish. The fishing I do is not the same as the pond back home, that's for sure.

We headed out the jetties to bumpy seas, out to the shrimp boats in search of Shark action..."not for the kids but rather dad."
We hit shrimp boat after shrimp boat and NOT a single Shark!!!!!

See, I mentioned that the Sharks behind the shrimpers was hear-say. I was told, "Oh are you crazy, the sharks are nutz behind the shrimpers." BULL SHIP!!!!  This was my second try with zero. And three strikes and they're OUT. All the while I have (4) yeah FOUR brand new, never bent by a single fish so far, Shark and Tarpon rods.

So we headed back and let the kids catch some of the "carpeting the bottom" 4" juvenile Seabass. Now remember, the atlantic Marine fisheries says we have no Seabass. And just opened them from a closure on June 1st, to now make the take only 5 from 15 per person as of another date coming very soon...I can't remember when, but soon.

IS OFFSHORE BOTTOM FISHING EVEN WORTH THE FUEL ANYMORE?  But people still go, which I find amazing. But I'm glad they do. Inshore is busy enough.

We were back at the dock by 10:30am and I was home no long after. That's a good way to do a windy, crowded Saturday in my book.    

Each summer it seems to be later and later that any Sharks show on the shrimp boats. The pogies were in "acres" out past the jetties heading toward the chum hole. And in the SE hole I had a buddy and his wife chumming and trolling live pogies catching what?  SHARKS!  Now, try and figure out that. He said he saw zero bait out there, but that was after following around a monster shark on Kingfish tackle while his wife did the duty, on the bow.

There's so many monkey wrenches throw at me during the summer it's crazy. Believe I'll let those Shark and Tarpon rods collect dust and stick to the jetties. Unless I get an ""adventurous"" 2, maybe 3 all adult only, trip.

Weekdays.....looking forward to them.
Book ahead, so I can plan.
Unless you think we don't need a plan.

"let's go work the rocks"

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