Tuesday, June 28, 2011

6/28 - The largest of the Large:

Now called Goliath Grouper, but always known as Jewfish. These fish are monster Grouper. They inhabit shallow waters on our coast. Occasionally caught in the river, at the jetties, and even in the ICW.

Here's a reported dead one estimated at 300 pounds that was found on Hugonaut Park beach, river side. A few weeks ago.
"a shame".
Not quality photos, but ya get the idea..."wonder if anyone examined this fish to see if there was a spear hole in it or something."

Where we are NO longer allowed to fish anymore, along the Navy Base past the Mayport Boat Ramp. I caught two small Jewfish one time. A 7.5 pounder and on my next cast, a Lil' 2 pounder.

Here is the larger one laying on a 72Qt. cooler. On super light tackle, the fish really whooped up on me.

It's too bad we can't fish where I caught these Jewfish.....the Navy of course owns "OUR" river, ya know. Because on the same spot where the two small Jewfish came from I've caught everything from 10 Pound Speckled Trout, to Cobia. And everything in between.


Not anymore.

Offshore it's "species" the goverment is taking away. Inshore, it's just "shoreline".


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