Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bored...so I went "archiving"

I'm sitting here kinda bored. Ready for Erica J. and her daughter tomarrow. ALWAYS look forward to Erica on board the Jettywolf.

There's so much info and "stuff" here on this blog, that sometimes I don't even remember all the posts or links that have graced these pages that are done for YOUR benefit.

I love this video, of myself and "RKA, Nick" goofing around on one hell of a windy November day. (My #1 favorite month of the entire year.)

One thing is, I haven't seen but tiny 3" Croakers so far this year, and just a handful of Yellowmouth Trout, too. Wow, how things change around here.

Thank goodness for all my "archives" (located on the right side bar, by the month) which enables me to see changes easily.

Nick is a busy guy. And man do we need to get together again real soon. We always have so much fun. Even if he looses his only fish.

Enjoy...again (I did)
If you know ME. I cannot fish without my Jus' Grab It Glove. And don't know how I ever did without.
I hate chasing a nasty rag arund the boat all the time. The owner of the JGIG is from Mandeville, La.
Where the JGIG is like having a  fishing rod. For some reason, J-ville fisherman, jus don't get it, I guess.
Because I don't see  many out there, even though they're availible locally at Academy Sports.

Go-figure....I gave Dave Workman at Strike Zone a chance at being a dealer a long time ago. He has everything else in that shop, and allot that's not neccessary to go fishing either. He didn't pick-up on the idea. I guess I'm the weirdo. Like a Louisianian.

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