Wednesday, August 10, 2011

8/10 - Hangin' in the river

Picked up the Baker clan today at Sisters Creek boat ramp.  I had Curtis, the father and 3 kids. It's been awhile since I had three kids on board. And yep, I'll admit.

They worked me hard.

We started out with just barely enough rising tide to hit a spot that may produce a big Redbass. It would be a great way to start the day.

And it was. It didn't take all that long soaking a half of a 12" Mullet on the bottom, before we GOT BIT.

The battle insued......

With a helping hand from Dad an 11 year old will have his hands full.

Not hardly able to hold the fish, with wore out arms I got a "white belly" shot, after it hit the deck.

The 23 pound Redbass, was a true trophy. And a great fish to have been caught and we weren't away from the dock for an hour, yet.


Once the tide turned and the boat started swinging, I had to make casts out toward the channel edge. No more big Redbass bites, but one taker of a half Mullet was this 14" river bottom, Black Seabass.

As the tide started to fall it was time for the kids to get on the rods all by themselves.

So we hit a few spots, while they all fished just dead shrimp on the bottom catching Croakers, Whiting, Yellowmouth Trout.
They kept me so busy baiting them up, that I didn't take any more photos. We ran through over two pounds of shrimp, as they started from absolute scratch. I had to teach them how to work the reel, how to feel the bottom, and how to set the hook.

An education it was....and we were done and back at the dock by 12:35. I don't know who was more wore out, me or them.

ALWAYS CALL, (8am-8pm) to consult me about the best days, tides etc.
It's always good to have wiggle room. And reserve well in advance.

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