Tuesday, August 16, 2011

8/15 - Full Moon Rising...

Had Don M. and his buddy aboard the Jettywolf, for a day of river fishing. We fished deep for big Redbass, mixed with fishing shrimp on the bottom, looking for some good eaters. But the Seabass wore us out. Many were "just short" of legal. They seem to have taken the place of the Mangrove Snappers "we used to have", before the winter of 2010, that either killed all of them or sent them packin'.

The full moon loomed in the sky all morning, creating some screaming currents. Here's Don with a 13 pound Redbass first thing in the morning. The breeze kept us cooler, but the wind in the camera wasn't a good thing. So I added some up beat tempo music.

It was one seriously tough day of fishing. Although the three of us worked hard for either big fish, or some good "eaters", for take home.

But no fear, here's some footage of fishing in the screaming flood tide:

The full moon tides will get increasingly strong as we approach fall. Seeming to "peak out" in October, during the harvest moon.

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