Thursday, September 1, 2011

9/1 - L-o-n-g haul

Had Colin M. aboard today. Been along time since I had one person. And in my mind a "true guided charter". Usually, all summer I feel more like a "inshore party boat".

So, feeling free like a seagull, we blasted off westward out of the shoot. And headed down river. To do some shallow water trout searches, and allot of casting.

The forecast was not perfect, by any means. ENE winds 15 knots, with morning rain possible. But the wind was next to nothing all morning.

First spot, casting live shrimp on popping corks in shallow water, equalled ATE alive by Needlefish.

Second spot,  casting live shrimp on popping corks in shallow water, equalled ATE alive by Needlefish. this it?

All that was caught besides a few pinners, was a small pup Redbass. And the dead shrimp pile was getting pretty big on the cutting board. All the shrimp that the Needlefish just killed, in a pile.

So we tried some bottom fishing, the current was about over though, and Colin must have fed the same bait stealer a pound of dead shrimp on the bottom, without a hook-up. As I caught one small yellowmouth Trout.  Time to move on........

Next spot, it has to be Speckled Trout, has to be!!

Colin nailed the first one. A nice keeper. And no sooner here came the rain. Then after the rain here came the 20 knot winds. NOT 10-15, but hienous 20 knots.

Then came another...

Then finally....a fat 20 incher.

Quickly that slick calm water you see went away. And we struggled to get a bite, as the sun got bright and the humidity kicked in.

Making a few more moves, as I searched for any kind of pattern in this area.

But still fighting the needlefish, every other cast.
Made a move and picked up the float-rigs, and caught one 14 inch trout, which was just a luck fish. As we couldn't pull another from the area.

The tide was pouring in strong now, we got some trout in the box. So we went back up river and tried bottom fishing once again, the same area we tried earlier.

Yellowmouth Trout, a few small Croakers, and Stingrays, and a visit from the FWC is all that happened as we sat in the blowing wind, and smoking current. But we were having fun any how and as the hours passed we boxed another 7 filletable Yellowmouths, packed it up and headed in.

Back at the dock I filleted all the trout and bid Colin good luck as he heads to Alberta, Canada to work for an oil company up there pumping out the oil sands.


I got home and got a call from a buddy. He said the Jax Beach Pier today was on fire. When the tide turned, the Trout lit off like crazy. And saw 5-7 pound "surf" Trout  come over the rail along with Flounder and Black Drum.  And it's so funny, because that's where they are, and that's it. You can fish all you want at the jetties and those Trout aren't there. But each summer, the Trout hover around that Pier as they patrol the surf. And catching them from a boat is nearly impossible. And there's NO other structure arond our beaches to hold them, other than the Pier.

"It's called being, S.O.L"

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