Monday, September 5, 2011

9/3-4 - Labor day weekend

Started out on Saturday with Thomas B. and three friends. River fished and tried our best to catch big Reds. But ended up doing a lot of bottom fishing and poppin corkin' with out much to show for all our efforts. Caught some Trout, on the bottom in a screaming tide, on Mullet and 7/0 circle hooks meant for mega-Redfish. And burned through 5 pounds of dead shrimp laying the wood to no less than 75 Croakers of all sizes, with 13 inchers being the very best.

Screen Shot, of area fished:

Despite all the trying for Reds, the group left out with a big bag of fillets, thanks to the trout we caught and the largest of the Croakers, and keeper Seabass. It was a busy day on the water, as we stayed up in the river. Don't know why we couldn't score any Redbass, I tried a proven spot that morning.

But on Sunday I decided to keep it close. And try something else.

On Sunday morning I had the Lewis family. Keith, Angela, and Alec. Keith was a superior fisherman. And right off the bat started the day with a 5 pound Jack, in tight quarters.

The action was pretty good, as the three fished the falling tide. The live Mullet attracted only good quality bites.

Screen Shot of area fished:


Angela, even had a slam-dunk rod bender that she couldn't stop. I even tried to help her. And it wasn't like any fish I've felt on a line, in a long time. Super Heavy, and did nothing but "dig" for the bottom. I believe, I could have been a Grouper. It wasn't like we weren't fishing huge structure. But eventually, the fish "rocked" her up on the bottom and I had to just break the line.

Two or three reds were too big, but not much over 27 inches.

"Industrial fishing at it's finest." Don't even have to anchor, which is nice!

Yep, even Trout were caught while they snacked on our frisky live Mullet baits.

Only fish we were really lacking was a Flounder, to have an inshore SLAM.

It's certainly no secret, were we spent the entire day. Out of the breeze, but yes in "wake central" as boats headed, north to Ft. George for the Holiday partying.

Then, finally Keith nails a good 18 inch Flounder. Our "SLAM" is had!
Followed by another Trout, to round out the day. The box was looking nice with Trout and Reds, and the one Flounder. And as the tide creeped higher and higher the bite slowed. Signaling it's "time to go make the donuts", which is what I call fish cleaning time.

It was a great day. And Keith was a great angler. Angela, also did really well and was a highly competitive fisher-woman herself.  Twelve year old Alec, learned how to cast a baitcasting reel, caught his first Redfish, Trout, and Grouper. And I loved it, because we didn't have to move around hardly at all. We jus' kept baits in the water! And that's how ya' catch fish.  

I attempted to make a short video of a few Big Red catches, but for some reason they didn't turn out. The camera was on when it wasn't needed, and off when it was. Operator Error.....I'm sure. 

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