Thursday, September 15, 2011

9/14 - How hard should ya have to work?

Had a two guy charter today and Gene and Mike. Kinda last minute thing. But it easily worked out.

We left out at 7am, with a rising full moon tide......"Not really optimum." And Mother Nature, really let us know that, too.
We needed some live bait fish, and they be Finger Mullet. Because, shrimp wasn't going to cut it all day. There's still to many bait-stealers around. For hours, I tried to catch the right sized Mullet. Every where that I go and usually catch them was void of any thick enough to cast the net on. It was a major thorn in the butt. Because as time passed by, the tide was of course changing.
I finally caught some, most two large to use as a Trout or Redfish bait, but we could always cut them up for "cut-bait".

We tried fishing the deep water for big Reds, using cut Ladyfish, but the Croakers ate us out of house and home, while 8 OUNCES wouldn't hold our baits on the bottom, in the screaming incoming tide.

8 OUNCES!!!!!!!
That's where I leave well enough alone. More than that the current is just too strong.

So as the tide started to fall a few hours later we got into a nice Flounder on a Mullet, some bigger Croakers (12") and some Yellowmouth Trout.

The only speck we had was one 14 incher. And not a single Redbass all day. And I worked my butt off. Anchored all over, too. Ended up working the shipyard, and that's where we had the yellowmouth Trout.

Wheww.....what a day.

My guys left me all the fish, so I cleaned them up after they left. And one heck of a nice pile. No limit anymore on Yellowmouth Trout, and that's a good thing. 

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