Monday, September 19, 2011

9/19 - BIG RAIN...!!

Holy smokes was that some big rain on Friday night, or what?  I hope everyone in the J-ville area got it, because my area sure did. It was flooding around here, because the ground was so damn dry it took forever to soak in.

Now that's the kinda thing we need more often. HOURS OF RAIN!!!! 
Not only good for the ground, but also good for the river, too. The river that's more like a skinny saltwater bay, where I fish.

Either way, the rain ushered in the seasons 1st Nor-easter! Yep, cool N.E. air. Gotta love it. But the Nor-easter wasn't one that would be all that dang fishable, with the winds this past weekend pushing 25 KNOTS.

But I'm sure there was some crazy weekenders out there. I stayed around the house and did some work.

Which leads me to my next topic........
I inherited this. Anyone needing it?
I can even deliver, around the corner (for a fee) if ya have no truck.
It's all about "OBO"

This has absolutely nothing to do with fishing. But, I'm trying to get rid of this:
If you're in the need....shoot me an email.

Still have (3) $20 each 6'6" Ugly Stik intra-coastal boat rods left, that have been for sale for months. If you're in need a of good Redbass bottom rod....CHEAP, these are exactly the ticket. Add a reel, and you're ready.

My next charter days are Tuesday, Friday, and then Sunday with four.

So stand by for reports.

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