Sunday, October 16, 2011

10/15 - No love for ""that"" current!

Had Beth V and her mom and boyfriend aboard today. After feeling the really stiff wind as we arrived at the jetties, I discarded all attempts to float-rig fish. And instead we anchored up and used the 10 dozen live shrimp I had brought for bottom bait.
They wanted "KEEPER FISH". Were not interested in any "sporty" stuff.

First problem, and continued the whole day was the current. Out the three of them, they couldn't hold bottom or feel much of a bite. Yes as the tide poured in between the jetty rocks, it was tough. The gusty due North winds I'm sure had alot to do with that.

So we kept bumping up the sinker weight till we were at 6 ounces....any more than that would then put us in the world of "ludicris" bottom fishing. That's so much what the St. Johns River is.  Sure glad I brought the heavier tackle!

After a few Whiting and Yellowmouth, I headed in the river and searched and searched for a place that would allow lighter weights, and just keeper fish opportunities. But the river was a zoo of boats, traffic and passing ships, in and around the Mayport hub.

I'd never see the water push so hard over what remains of the little Jetties. It looked like something from a real river out west, during flood conditions.

We ended up with just more Croakers all small, and I kept thinking about my ole saying...."North-Northeast winds 15+kts + incoming tide = Kiss 'O Death."  And damn if I wasn't right from the get go.

It wasn't anyones fault that my crew was struggling. These were tough conditions. And the number one thing for fresh water fishing people to learn and adpt to very very quickly is, feeling the bottom while fishing our extreme current.

 All we could do is wait it out.....But in the mean-time it meant Dave pulling a 55 pound anchor into the boat WAY too many times. Believe me, I'm feeling it right now.

We ended up back at the jetties and using only a 3 ounce weight all was perfection. The wind laid down, and all was good.
We should have been hammering the Black Drum, or at least getting bit more frequently (in between lots of croakers) but something was off. While only getting a few.

Next up:

Monday..."solo angler"

Then as the winds build,

Tuesday a 4pak.

Wednesday, here comes BIG WIND again.

Friday a wedding party, with 2- boat charter.

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