Tuesday, October 18, 2011

10/17 - DE-VOID, how??

Had Jerry C. aboard today........I got lucky twice in a week, with TWO solo anglers. I love it. It's a nice break from being a "river party boat".

First thing we did as the last of the falling tide fell. Made a b-line to the jetties, anchored up and looked for DRUM BITES.
There was NO wind, the sky was clear, and it was a beautiful morning.

All we could muster was Croaker bites. But at this exact tide is when we should be getting a few Drum.
So as the tide changed and with no bites other than Croaks, we went float-rig fishing. I had to teach Jerry about each endevour. From bottom fishing to float-rig fishing, to tackle handling. Which took time.

We float-rigged and float-rigged. Yes, I fished hard too... and to quote my own dad which he always says, "Dave if you're not catching, how am I supposed too?"

Dad is right. I have the know how, the experience etc. so if I'm fishing along with you and I don't get bit, there's a "here's yer sign" thang going on.

Well, that's what happened. All I caught was lil' crappy rock blennies!

Well, this was a genuine smack in the face. So with the rising tide still pushing. Jerry and I pulled away from the rocks a bit and got into some good current and we fished live finger mullet behind the boat along the rocks.

Usually a good position to be in, all we had was Bluefish eating our baits, and caught one. Then the rod closest to the rocks bent over......

Jerry reeled in a KEEPER REDBASS!!!!!!
That has to be the first keeper red I've had some one catch in what seems like months. At 26-1/2" it joined a dozen or so barely keeper Croakers that we tossed in the box.

Amazingly, the jetties were just dead. And getting not a single bite while float-rigging along the rocks was totally amazing.
Bazzaro world never seems to amaze me. 

We didn't wast time making long runs. We kept our baits in the water. Out of a 6 hr day, our baits were probably in the water 5-1/2 hrs!


I was supposed to be back to "party boating". Had 4 guys come down all the way from Ohio. at 6am it was raining hard. The forecast is bad with winds, and we were really supposed to fish Wednesday. But re-scheduled up to today.

Wedenesday's forecast is MALAVENT......gusts to gale force predicted.

Here's why:

See those two storms?
They're gonna "clash", and that's what's going to bring gale force winds on Wednesday.

And up to 20 kts today with on and off rains.

I have Thursday to maybe get these guys out from Ohio, still. Then booked and back to the river/jetties Friday, Saturday, Monday.

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