Saturday, October 22, 2011

10/22 - Ding, Ding...drop'em!

Today was my last day of "party boating" it this week. Had a crew of four people, again. So I kept it simple. Had Phil P. his friend Rick, his son Ricky, daughter Katrina. Mostly all fresh water experienced.

First thing we headed for the jetties. I really would love to get on some Black Drum again. The tide wasn't right exactly yet. But I got them all going bottom fishing with shrimp. Of course, the fish caught were small Croakers.....they're everywhere!
So I tried fiddler crabs, and then cut Croakers trying to get anything but a Croaker. The wind wasn't nearly as light as I'd have liked it. We bobbed around and then finally the tide started to push. Not really the time of the tide, when I have caught Drum. But I continued trying.

The anchor broke free, so I took that as a "here's yer sign", and we headed up river to a spot where the reds were supossed to be thick. We were early on the tide of course, "everything happens on that last of the falling, huh?" But I tried it. The problem was there were 25 "LBA's" with rods lined up and chunking lead right at us. I did see a trout and a over sized Redbass caught from the bank right in from where I was anchored, I ended up moving out deeper. Along the channel edge. Oh.....LBA stands for Land Based Anglers. So we tried our luck as the tide screamed along. I had crew members sitting, and laying up on the bow, leaving just Phil and I in the stern watching the two lines I had out while the rods were in the rod holders. thing I have definitely learned this week with all my 4 passenger trips. "Baiting and Waiting" for big reds can be really boring for many. The baits just got nibbled by Croakers anyhow, so we picked up and headed to CROAKER CENTRAL, again.

For the 3rd time this week!

ACTION, ACTION,ACTION, is the name of the game when I have "non-die-hard-anglers" aboard. And even, sometimes with die-hards too. Just depends. We pulled up on the spot and of course being a Saturday it was covered up with other boats. Were they slammin the Big Croakers?  NOPE!  But we were going too!

And in a matter of minutes, I had all four crew members up and fishing like mad, setting the hooks on nice sized Croak's, just like yesterday. Of course, yesterday's crew were a bit more versed in fishing, but even so, today we still had some really nice fish.
Boxing about 25 of the largest, we headed back as the tide slowed. I had an hour of fish cleaning to do. And the crew was hungry for a fish fry or something...anything. They traveled light, just drinks. No food....Jus' Fishin'. Phil told me.

Turns out Phil thought we were out for only a 1/2 day, 4 hour charter. I don't know how all that came to be. I do 6 hrs. trips.  If ya want to only fish for four, it's your option.  Phil quickly opted for the 6 hrs. and said, "heck yeah, that's always better let's fish more".  

It was again a cool morning with a beautiful afternoon. There's NOTHING BETTER, than the fall months in N.E. Florida. Clear Blue Skies, and crisp.

And it looks like we're back to normal as I remember it. COOL & COMFORTABLE, by Halloween. Unlike the last couple Halloween's it was 90+ degrees. I hate that.  So it looks like we're back in the swing of things, the way we expect it.
Weather fact: Today in J-ville, we matched an all time low of 39 degrees. Matching a low of 39, back in 1976.

BRING A HOODED SWEATSHIRT. It's a normal fall in J-ville again. And I'm loving it. "No Mo' Sweatin'"


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