Friday, October 21, 2011

10/21 - Catchin' Mania!

Had a 3 boat, three passengers per boat, wedding party today. I had the groom, the best man and another buddy. And we sure had
F-U-N !

The breeze was up still, this morning. I almost headed to the jetty rocks. But instead opted to hang in the river to see what the rest of the morning would bring. We started around the ICW/River intersection, trying two spots with out much action. So I headed to the Croaker hole. Yesterday, my four guys had so much fun pulling in two coolers full of nice Croaks. So I asked my crew were they into fast action and lots of fish.  The answer was a resounding.......YES!

We pulled up, I dropped the anchor. Told them where to pitch their "drop-shot" rigs and it was "IG" - Instantaneous Gratification.
Game on, the first Croak was a huge one. Right off the bat. From here on the guys were hooked.

They were out for a fun day of fishing. Keeping fish was not important. They had wedding stuff to do after the fishing trip. Unlike yesterday where my guys kept every Croak that hit the deck.

But, for "Good Luck", I dropped that fat Croaker in the fish box. Thinking, this was a fluke. We aren't gonna catch that many this size.


Every three Croakers, was a big fattie.  And those small dinky Croaks weren't even part of our catch today.

So as we kept slammin' the hook to the fast biting Croak's. The more Capt Dave tossed into the good ole fish box. I told them, "If ya'll don't want these fatties, I'll take 'em".

As we burned threw the first 2 pound tub of fresh dead shrimp, and a handfull of livies. We decided to go and try our hand at catchin' a big monster Redbass. I was really close to a decent spot. So we pulled up, re-rigged and I sent down two chunks of a fresh Mullet caught at the ramp this morning, pinned to 7/0 circle hooks.

The guys asked......."Is this it?" I asked, "what do ya mean?"  "Is this how you fish for big Reds?"  I said, "Yeah, it's bait-n-wait. When that rod doubles over the shape of a horse shoe, FISH-ON!"

The bait-n wait fishing lasted maybe 3o minutes, and they wanted to go back and catch more Croakers. I had a feeling they became addicted. It happens to everyone, even me.  The action can be so fast, and the BIG Croak's can be addictive. Just like big silver beach Whiting. One after another, is hard to beat.

Croakers, the inshore B-liner. That's what B-liners (Vermillion Snapper) offshore can be. They don't have to be huge fish, because the action get's everyone totally addicted. I remember back when I used to bottom fish (hook and line) commercially with a ole buddy of mine. Double heading B-liners was bettter than sex, back then. Especially when each b-liner was a $5.00 bill when sold to the fish house. But even without a bounty on them, they were still plain ole good fun.

That's what fattie Croakers are like in the river....."in my book."

We fished till the last minute. The other two boats were back and off loaded their crews, and we came strolling up to the dock and everyone was gone, already.

That's addiction. The groom had places to be and things to do, and didn't want to quit. Can a Croaker keep a man from getting married? Probably not. But they almost can. Especially the big ones on Light Tackle, bending rods, pulling a little drag.

It was a beautiful day, warmed up real nice, with the winds dieing completely out by 10am.

Have a large group event coming up?

Don't hestitate to have your group out for a day of fishing. I can accomadate 16 people and 3-4 boats, with at least 30-45 days lead time.


4 passengers tomarrow, then two or three Monday. Then Tuesday, off to N.C. to pick up my new Dodge 3/4 ton truck with the Cummins Turbo diesel engine. Looking forward to pulling the JETTYWOLF, with serious power ahead of it.  

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