Thursday, October 27, 2011

10/24 thru 10/27.....where to start?

On Monday the 24th, I had good customer Mike H. his Dad and his bother in-law, John.  It was a beautiful day. A real "bluebird". But with WIND.

I usually mix up some float-rig fishing and bottom bumping with Mike and crew. We started at some seriously good fall Trout spots that used to produce this time of year.

Well, spot #1 was a complete BOMB. Gary hooked a bluefish. But the tide would be high very shortly, so as they float-rigged the window was mighty short.

The next spot is an "ALL TIME FAVORITE", and is one of them spots that has produced really good Trout action for year......except for the last few. But since it's a high tide spot, I try it.

We caught some Trout, but the action wasn't to die for and neither wre the size of the trout. They were okay keepers, but I still had to measure them. Six were small 14 inchers and we left with two in the fish box.

Next spot......"oh how I've wacked and stacked big fat 20-25 inchers here".  But the tide just started to flow and the current wasn't really optimum. But we were here, and passing by, so why not try it.  The guys started working the spot. Mike's float goes down, he has a real rod throbber on and as he's bringing it in, it comes off the hook.

Always a tough break. Bait stealers rule this spot, unless the Trout are thick. And they were eating their fair share of baits. I gave it a try on Johns rod as he ate a sandwich and on my very first drift of the float I nailed a decent 17" Trout.

Three in the B-O-X.

Time to move on. I was talking up the monster Croakers in a certain spot. Telling Mike and crew about the fast action and addictive nature of the 12-16 inch Croak's I've been catching, last week. With Friday the 21st being the hottest day. Seeing that the first Croaker to come to the boat was a 16 INCHER, on the first cast!

Well, I guess I talked it up too much. Oh we caught plenty of Croak's on the spot. But they weren't all that large, and the action was 1/2 as slow. We kept the largest and as we left for the dock I was reminded that some day, some where, I'll fish some place where the fishing is consistant. I was reminded that every day is completely different. No matter how hard I try to make days the same.

Tuesday 10/25

4am on Tuesday the 25th, I was up after almost no sleep. I was up and ready for a long journey extra early so to pick up my dad at 5am and head to North Carolina.  To go get my "new to me" 2008 Dodge Ram 2500 Cummins turbo diesel Truck.

I had a 7 hr. ride in front of me, and a 7 hr. ride back. Dad was chief navigator with his GPS in his lap the whole ride.

And now, I can't even feel my boat behind my new truck. The power is out of this world. And we even got 20+ mpg on the way home, and I didn't do much under 85 mph all the way back south. Compared to my old 1995 Ford "gas" F-250 that may have gotten 10-12 mpg, on the highway.  (pulling nothin')

Thursday 10/27

I had Troy and little 4 year old Jake his son, out for one of my 2 hour "KIDS TRIPS" today. We departed at 9 and fished till 11am.
Little Jake caught Croakers, Bank bass, Seabass, and Pinners. And loved every minute of it!

His first Croaker was his very first saltwater fish. We kept a few fish for a fish sandwich that dad would make for him, so he could re-live his big morning out on the river.

My 2 hour kids trips are really popular. So popular, I have a whole family next week with two around 6 years old.
It's a short day for the young ones, to just get a taste of what we do out there. Kids, 4-8 I believe can't do or even if they can do a 6+ hour day, really shouldn't unless Dad is taking 100% care of them, aka: fishing for them.

It's all about attention span, tackle handling and if it's hard for adults to feel the bottom on a falling tide, no 4-9 year old is going to know when they hit the bottom either. Plus my tackle is usually messed up pretty bad, if they even try.

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