Tuesday, November 1, 2011

11/1 - Gale Force Gusts?.....are back!

I'm almost thinking that today, the wind is worse than when I was out with two folks on Sunday, actually catching Trout.

With not much to do in this weather. I've been checking out Moore Boats. And yes, I'm in love. Not to say I don't love my boat. But the things that you can do with aluminum boats is just so vast. That's why I love them!

Either way, here's another installment of education about aluminum alloy boats. If you have been a frequent visitor to this blog, you know I have a real facination with JET BOATS.

But the problem has always been, they're usually low to the water, having not much freeboard, are not all that large, and if they are they're made to run rivers in Idaho.

And they look it!

My friend Jay who I bought my boat from, found this new company in Maryland that's building large East Coast style hulls. Aluminum of course, adding Jet Drives coupled to none other than, DIESEL ENGINES.

If I was able to do it all over again, this would be the boat for me. A 28 footer like the patrol boat shown below. A single jet, connected to a diesel engine, configured for coastal fishing! No sand bar, no mud bar, would stop me. Plus, a turning ability second to none.

Watch this boat "slip" right into it's "lift" after coming to a real fast stop.

JETS, plus diesel, plus 5086 aluminum..... Holy smokes!

Look at that innovative bow design!


Steph said...

OMG!! That is the most awesome thing I have ever seen!! I kept watching the clips over and over. So it runs twin jets w/ reverse? So cool. Would you ever be able to actually get to ride it or see it in person? If so, I want to go too. lol

Capt. Dave Sipler - JETTYWOLF said...

Oh yeah Steph, just up in Maryland.
Jet's have reverse, and one in forward and one in reverse can splin a boat jus' like props.

I'll take just a single cummins turbo attached to a jet, so to keep the cost down. And have a 28 footer flying thru the local creeks and over the sand bars in Nassua Sound.

I'm sure you could drop in there if ever in that area.