Saturday, November 19, 2011

11/19 - DAY ONE, of two.....

Had Brian and Kelly M. aboard the Jettywolf this morning. As I will tomorrow for day two, of their visit. Well, weekends.....what can ya do. I went straight as fast as I could to where I wanted to fish, turned the corner. And bam...there was a boat sitting slap on the spot I usually fish.

Further investigation..."I know these two guys, and one even did a charter with me on a heinous windy day, and this is where we "had" to fish because it was out of the wind."

Just a few minutes earlier and we would have the spot.  But it really didn't matter. The Jettywolf is flexible. We sat just the other side of the creek and caught TROUT, like they were going outa style, boxing twelve, and tossing back several small ones. On float-rigs.  And even picked through a few Blues. And lost a bunch of fish that could have been Sheepshead bites. But Brian and Kelly were just getting used to what we were doing, so it was okay. They quickly figured the float-rig fishing out with my expert coaching.

At one point Kelly was catching nice fat Specks just a rod length off the side of the boat. The fish were thick. I liked that.

As the tide died, we only had a short period of falling tide this morning. We "all" picked up and headed else where. The fellas in the other boat left and so did we. I was gonna go to the jetties, but figured we can do that tomorrow. So we  went about 1200 yards away from spot one anchored up in shallow water and immediately Kelly had a fish on but it came off.   This spot I broke out the spinning gear and my home made, "mega-loud" Clicker Floats.  Fishing real shallow and letting the wind and the current drift the live shrimp around a tight cove and across the front of a small patch of oyster bed.

Again, it was Trout after Trout. REALLY nice fish.  Figure that, the Jettywolf fishing up in a creek!! And everyone was wacking them on almost every drift, on the spinning gear.

I came back here to spot #2, because I wanted them to catch Redbass. But the action was so good it almost didn't matter. A slight adjustment, and while studying the banks contour, I told Brian, get you float to drift that section of the bank. So he re-cast his Clicker Float, let it drift perfectly and I said "RIGHT THERE!". And like clock work, his float went down and he set the hook.

The drag was peeling on the light tackle and here comes the first keeper Redbass! 

Hmmmm, I haven't lost it completely!  I've spent my share of time shallow water fishing in all these creek on two of my "past" 'glass" inshore boats. Only difference now is if I pay a bit more attention, in my 26 footer now...."she floats WAY higher than any Glass boat of her size". Which is why I had her built, she does everything I ask of her.

Then it was Kelly's turn. She got to the right spot, the hooked herself a nice Redbass too!

A good portion of the rising tide was Red after Red, and Trout after Trout!  Kelly even had a whopper trout hooked up that came off the edge of a oyster bed, that she lost at the side of the boat, and that fish went at least 5 pounds!!!!

We finished up the day of this addictive fishing with no less than 30 Trout, boxed our 3 person limit easily. And at least 10 Redbass, keeping two for my mom.  Brain and Kelly weren't keeping fish, so I cleaned them all up and have many a debt to pay to my Momma. And fresh fillets usually helps pay it off.

It was a great day, not even a mile and a half from the boat ramp!

Sunday, I'll mix it up and the three of us will head to the Jetties for some Float-riggin' and bottom fishing.

This is the way to do it. Brian and Kelly came down here for Brian's Birthday (Sunday) and booked two days in a row. By the time they head home, they will have fished the BEST TIME OF THE YEAR, and seen all what the Jettywolf does.

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