Thursday, November 10, 2011


NICE DAY, and by the looks of the traffic and boats around, it looked like a Saturday morning!

Guess, day after day of 20kt to gale force winds, makes people not go to work.

Oh, the Mayport Jetties were nasty. The north side of the north rocks were "Kawabunga", with monster waves breaking, and pouring over the rocks.

Had Chris M. aboard, a "Jettywolf" veteran. I quickly said, "damn I'm getting too old to fish the jetties on days like this." So I turned around and we headed for dead calm waters and no wind, instead.

The action was kinda steady, but amazingly enough I had better action on the first spot about two weeks ago when the wind was blowing GALE FORCE, then today.

LOTS of dinker Trout. Had to sort through them, and even the keepers were just 15-16". No big whopper Trout, or "kicker fish", IE: Sheepshead, Drum or Redbass.

But we did have around 20 plus Trout caught on just a few quality spots.

So after Trout fishing and weeding through them to get some in the "box", we tried some bottom fishing at a Croaker hole. Boxed one big one, and the rest were small. Moved on.....

The full moon mid-ebb tide had no current in places I wanted to try Trout fishing again, and plenty where we ended up trying some more bottom fishing. But still didn't find a Redbass or Drum, which is what we were wanting.

I haven't fished my "beloved" Jetties in weeks, because of the high winds and seas.

The Black Drum have to be out there!

And of course the Flounder is all anyone is talking about....But, I want (personally) Monster Trout, cause it's also that time of year. Or should be!!!

Guess, I'll have to give in and get me some damn mud minnows.

Hope I can hit the jetties Saturday. I have one "solo" angler, aboard.

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