Wednesday, December 7, 2011

12/7 - DAY TWO...

Well, this was day two with Don and Louis.  The forecast "COULDN'T" have been any more different than yesterday.
The front.....first it pushed the warm air and perfect blue skies over us. That was yesterday, then came today.

20+ knot SW winds, and clear skies is how we started the morning. The guys wanted to hit the "big water", so to the jetties we went. I couldn't even anchor on the inside of the north jetty, my anchor kept slipping as we headed straight for the 10 tom granite boulders. So I headed over to the inside of the south jetty.

I got anchored exactly perfectly. Right where I wanted to be. And we weren't on the spot but a few minutes and Louis slams the hook on a Big Fish.  The Ugly Stik bent and the Shimano TRN reel let drag go.

Ya' may even say this was "I.G" - instantaneous gratification!  

A real nice 8 pound Black Drum...
NOT EVEN CLOSELY RELATED to a fresh water Drum fish. Which Don thought it was, which is considered a junk fish in some parts.

I told him, "this is a Redfishes ugly cousin, that's all." 

Our Drum come in Red and Black...

So, we kept fishing. But between the wicked SW wind blowing, and then the building full moon falling tide. My anchor was severly over worked, and we kept slipping backwards. And if you have any experience, you know that a dragging anchor is an anchor that can quickly turn into an anchor you'll never see again. When it gets jammed into something and you loose it.  So I'm  pulling it and re-anchoring too many times as the wind got nothing but worse.

So we headed up river. Tried bottom fishing two more spots with NADA.....and the last time we got blown off the spot I said,
"Hell with this....let's go float-rig fishing!!!!!!!!"

And after yesterday's big Trout day, I didn't get a arguement from Don or Louis.

Yes, the current was heinous at times, and so was the wind as we huddled up close to the bank. But the real nice fat Trout  up to 20 inchers, and a Redbass at 22".

The skies darkened as we fished and the wind never let up, but got stronger and stronger. And it looked like rain.

Plus, I still had a box of fish to clean. So I  heading back to the dock as fast as I could, tied off and held on. Here came the Pre-rain gusts.

And as I cleaned the fish the light rain caught up to us, coming eastward from the SW.

These guys knew how to do it RIGHT!
Picking the RIGHT time of year, and booking two days during the RIGHT time of year. And as you can see they were rewarded with two days full of great fishing. One day with primo perfect weather and the next with weather not so good, but fishable. And I can tell ya things would have been much tougher with more than 2 persons. The three of us worked like a well oiled machine.  And that makes for a quality trip(s).

Thanks fellas. Hope to see you next year! 


On Thursday a Husband and wife duo. The forecast isn't great, with 20 knot NE winds, "POST FRONT", but then again I don't know how to fish in any other weather.

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