Sunday, January 1, 2012

1/1 - A New Year, unlike any others....

Today was B&M bait & tackle's New Years Day Party. Where the B&M crew does a seemingly endless fish fry. It's held each year, and I'm there. And afterwards, I usually say, "where were ya? You sure missed a great spread", and then I add a few pictures that I took of the event.

But today, I was booked for a 6 hr. charter. Yep, booked it last night at 6:30pm. But only after two additional calls of people who thought they wanted to go, but talked themselves out of it.

Then, there was the call of a guy while he was driving down I-95 on Friday from N.C. requesting a Saturday morning trip with his son.  He strung me out till 10:00pm at night, waiting for his deposit, that never came. Then, the next morning he just ignored my 6am call.

Holidays, they just don't much crazier. 

So, today we headed out to float-rig fish, with the same groups relatives in another boat..."following along". I had 3 kids and one adult, then 3 kids and just me. Then, I ended up with 4 kids and one adult. They swapped people back and forth.

There wasn't any tide today, and the dang "little Green scourge fish" are in full out-break at the jetties.  Yep, last year it was late November, when they arrived.  They can sure eat alot of bait, and the last two trips have been a genuine nuisance. It was nice for awhile. Remember, the video I made when I was out with Doc miller on his boat??  It was solid GAMEFISH, and fish after fish. The Jetties have thier good side and thier bad.

Today we caught, hard earned Specks, Yellowmouth and a small Sheepshead. And I mean "hard earned". It was for me, I know that. But for the crew it didn't matter, the kids were in full competition from the start. And not knowing all the in's & out's, Like I do. They didn't care. They just had fun. The problem is sometimes, I know too much. I knmow what I want. But hell, it's just fishin, right?

Oh, the tide......there was a serious, ""lack of it"".

We departed at 10:00 to fish the incoming. But never saw it, and fished all day at the jetties in mostly "currentless" waters. If I wasn't doing a trip like this one today, I normally would have switched gears and left the jetties. But, with the kids, the action is all we needed.

The rising tide was 3.8' with a west wind pushing against it. "What is the general rule? 

ANSWER:   Less than 4.0 ft. = no current in the St. Johns." 


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