Tuesday, January 3, 2012

1/3 - Very interesting r-e-a-d.....

"Is that boat of yours made from recycled beer cans?"  that kind of comment usually comes from some so called "high end" boat owner who believes he's superior to "all".

My answer is usually...... "what's yours made from? recycled milk jugs?"

I'm very familiar with this company. And have had the pleasure of riding in this exact 34' RockSalt "plate alloy boat" all day long here in J-ville, when the sales rep friend of mine brought one here.

That same sales rep. used to be the east coast sales rep. for the company who built my boat. And we stay in touch.

The Miami boat show is just around the corner in February. I've been there many, many times.  So, being that this blog is about more than local people looking to see where I'm fishing. I felt that this was a good time to post something different, being that it's soon to be Boat Show time, once again.

Before you ever go to Miami and think you're going to buy a high end "go fast" fishing boat, or really any other boat that you plan on fishing hard and working really hard,  I advise people to read this:
http://www.rocksaltboats.com/education/the-book-introduction - At RockSalt Boats, they just like myself, are going to educate you about aluminum alloy plate boats.

Chapter one is, "The intro." Then there's chapter #2, called "YOU."  and so on.  Each Chapter is listed down the side bar of the page, to continue.

You don't have to be a high end boat buyer to gain from "this" boat education, that's for sure.

The men who own and build RockSalt boats forgot more about about building, designing and fabrication of alloy boats than most people will "ever" know. Their resume is quite impressive to say the least.

NOT YOUR STYLE or BUDGET? Can't convince the wife you want a 200K high speed Gulf Stream boat to catch Wahoo and Marlin out of?

Here's the Carolina Skiff version of Heavy Duty commercially built boats. But don't be mistaken...."these ain't no Carolina Skiff!" Most are built for commercial purposes in Louisiana, but just take off the push knees, and make a few adjustments, even add paint:  http://lobellsboats.com/boat-types/patriot-line-of-utility-work-boats/p2684/

Just remember this:  ******for the purposes of this "web links" we are not discussing the low-end and small freshwater recreational marketplace for jonboats, Lunds, pontoon boats and such. These are considered to be “sheet” metal boats and are a whole different category of boats…*****

NEXT UP:  Two person, river inlet charter Friday 1/6


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