Thursday, January 26, 2012

1/26 - "On One Outdoors".....great day!

Back on December 3rd, we did a show with the crew of  On One Outdoors. It was a breezy, cold Saturday. We wanted to get out to the big Jetties, but the wind was pretty stiff. With camera crew tagging along in a bass tracker aluminum boat, lots of footage was shot, as myself and friend Doc Miller plied the St. Johns, putting Trout and Redbass in the boat. Staying out of the wind, waiting on the tide to switch.......all the things we do on a daily basis as fisherman out there on the river.

Plus having a really good time, no matter WHAT!

We caught a box of fish to boot.  My friend Clay and his crew patiently worked around us, anchored up, tied off, and jumped back and forth on and off the Jettywolf to produce what I think was one heck of a nice episode for the on-line show website.

Now, that this one is done, we will be doing more! 

On One Outdoors, is all about hunting and fishing. Real enthusiasts having fun with friends and family in the great outdoors.

Here's the show we did, aptly called (click link).  "CAPT DAVE'S FLOAT-RIGS"  enjoy for a change, professionally done footage. Clay is alot better than I am, when it comes to filming, editing and getting that shot "of the float disappearing!"

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Capt. Dave Sipler said...

GAWD...fall / winter fishing is awesome. Summer heat?