Thursday, February 2, 2012

2/2 - Short notice, and want to fish?

T-I-D-E-S, no they certainly don't have them in Kansas, Todo.

But we do in Saltwater. And out of the (3) bodies of Saltwater, the Atlantic, the Pacific, and the Gulf of Mexico.

Jacksonville to Amelia Island, Florida being on the Atlantic coast. Being the furthest North area on the east coast of Florida. We have tides.

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Any good fishing guide should know these tides inside and out and know them better than his own back yard.

BUT, you have no idea about the tides. You're from Kansas. You have ONE day, from 10am-2pm to get out and fish with your co-worker, while visiting J-ville to repair a Thingamajig, over at the Acme ABC plant.
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It's your first time in sunny Florida. And you want anything from a Blue Marlin to a giant Snook, like you saw on ESPN outdoors TV.
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You call, and I tell you "I inshore fish". You have no idea what that is!
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I explain, that I fish the river and specialize at the inlet where the river goes into the Atlantic Ocean.
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No long boat rides are guarenteed! And we'll be "light tackle fishing".....Again, you have no idea what that means.

I explain, "we'll be using tackle, just like a freshwater fisherman." Not big clumbsy reels and heavy rods."
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And then you tell me you want to target Marlin and Snook.

And I'll explain, that we'll be targeting neither. And each one is totally different than the other, and Snook in N.E. Florida doesn't happen much, and Marlin are best suited for your next trip to Mexico.
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You have 10am-2pm to actually fish.

The tides would be perfection for a 7am departure.
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BUT, I'm a tide master. Although I'm not getting the perfect time of day. With my knowledge, the reason you're hiring me. I'll work with it.
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Take the day at face value, the no long boat ride needed, and the fact that no matter what

....this will be all NEW to you!
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Go experience, the experience of it all.

It's February. You're probably "NOT" doing much fishing in Feb. back in Kansas.
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We'll be using the light tackle, so about every bite and fish will be F-U-N!
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Reservations are super easy. You can do it all on your "smart phone" and then read directions to the dock where I'll meet you.

I'll provide you with everything "fishing".
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And afterwards if you have time. You can even have a late lunch with your fishing partner, and "eat your catch of the day".
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Care of a restaurant, within walking distance from the dock, where they'll fry-up your catch for you for cheap!

FUN-FUN-FUN, you'll have a great time!
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Jacksonville Fishing Forecast 2/2012:

RIGHT NOW.....this is so UN-winter like Weather!

If you're COLD, and need a break. Why are you not visiting us?

You may need a sweatshirt or jacket in the morning. But by afternoon you'll be so glad to be out on the water.

It's been beautiful almost every day!!

2/1/2012 yesterday:

Speaking of TIDES.....was out with Doc Miller yesterday. The tides were "weak", real "weak" but that didn't stop us. It was FEB. 1st!  Day one of the (6) per person Speckled Trout limits, now inacted by the FWC.

We headed up river, and tried our hand at a couple "trouty" spots. But because of the weak currents we were run out by the small Bluefish that have invaded, as usual this time of year.

So we headed to the jetties.......THE BIG WATER!

We float-rigged around and found that the blues were still too much for our liking. I told Doc, "Ya know there's more than one way to skin a cat. Let's drop back to OLE SCHOOL.....

He brought alone a super "fairy wand" but super nice light spin out fit. A super small Shimano spinning reel matched up with a super sweet Shimano V-series rod. This rod and reel combo would be what a freshwater fisherman would use for casting tiny jigs to perch or something in a lake. Spooled with 10# mono.

Yep, and that's what we did. 1/4 & 3/8th's ounce "jig-n-shrimp" casted outside the jetty rocks, where the rocks met the sand is where we fished. Boats around us, and no one catching a thing.
Except for us!!!!!

We made wine outa sour grapes! Finding schools of Yellowmouth Trout (weakfish) and catching them or getting bit on every single cast. It was a "fishing clinic". Watch and learn how to be flexible, and ever-ready to catch fish no matter what the TIDE!

They were huge, most ranged from 12" to 15". And we were flipping them in the boat like a Miller Lite commercial.  "FISH, GET IN THE BOAT!"  Being that the new rules state that we can have 100 pounds of these fish per person at 12 inches.  We really didn't count them as we slung fish after fish over the rail.

(sorry, no photo's or video.....was too busy "catchin")

Not wanting to "burn-up" all our live shrimp, we switched to Saltwater Assassin, 'chicken on a chain' Sea Shad soft plastics, on the same light jig heads. A little slower bit, because the fish were wackin' at the twitching tails of the Sea Shad alot more. But saving the shrimp for later, when the tide turns and starts to "come in", could bring a whole new adventure.

We did catch some "specks".......but because of the way the tide was and where we were, most were either 12-14", kinda the same as the Yellowmouths. It was a "Birds of a feather, flock together", kind of deal.

Finally, the yellowmouth got wise to us leaning down thier school or the tide made them move.
So we also made an adjustment, after awhile.

Whewwwwwwww, that was FUN.  I love wackin and stackin. No matter what it is.  Hell, I've done the same thing on light float-rigs in Feb. for those Ringtailed Pogies that gather on the tips of the jetties.  Shooting fish in a barrel, is never NOT fun!

We adjusted with the tide, stayed deep and after awhile found the yellowmouth Trout again, along with a whole lot of same sized Specks.  I know I was getting a ton of Sheephead bites on my jig-n-shrimp combo. So I really started to do a "Vulcan Mind Meld" with my rod tip and I finally got one. A big 7 pounder, that put up a really nice fight on my light weight fairy wand bait caster.

Then, Doc hooked up something huge, (especially, on that rod and reel). We thought it was a big Sheeps too. But on his "trout stream" rod, it turned out to be a perfect 27" Redbass. And it kicked his BUTT!

LT, light tackle fishing at it's finest!

We basically burned up the rest of our live shrimp, and then took off back to the dock.

We double teamed the cleaning of all the fish, filleting (40) Yellowmouth and the Red and Sheepshead. By then we were both wore out!

It was a perfect example of "making a quick switch in tactics" and adjusting to the lack of tide today. Filling the box with fish, and both of us headed home each with a gallon sized bag full of "fish fry", fillets.

When fishing our crazy tidal waters, I live with a motto that was coined many moons ago by an associate. "You must remain ridgidly flexible at all times, when fishing these waters."

Again, it was a beautiful, warm, t-shirt, shorts, and sun tan lotion kinda day. IN FEB.!!!!!!!!!

-where were YOU?  

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