Saturday, February 18, 2012

2/18 - BBBBBBB.......BAD!!!!!!

NEWEST and baddest!

The ISE show is never usually a event to debut brand new reels but for many manufacturers it is a good checkpoint to see just where they are in terms of shipping the latest ICAST announced product for the upcoming season.

Shimano bucks the trend with a surprise introduction for heavy fresh and light-mid saltwater applications by showcasing prototypes of their upcoming TranX baitcaster.

All eyes at the show were on the new TranX, a heavy powered reel designed to take on everything from offshore species to the biggest baddest Muskie and Pike in freshwater. The reel boasts specs normally found in a traditional round reel but has a form factor of a large ergonomic baitcaster.

It is like a even bigger version of the Shimano 300 series reels. (I HAVE (4) 300's and they are superior!!!)

The reel boasts large line capacities (50lb/420yd. Power Pro) yet features a low profile design for easy and comfortable palming. When it comes to winding power the TranX is both smooth and efficient and comes in either High Gear (HG-6.6:1) or Power gear (PG-4.6:1) models.

(I jus' may have (4) Curado 300 DSV's FOR SALE COMING SOON!!!)

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