Thursday, February 16, 2012

2/16 - R-E-D H-O-T WINTER, Jacksonville fishing

H-O-T WINTER, Jacksonville fishing

As of right now....Saturday Feb. 25th (the same day as the El Cheapo Sheepshead Tournament out of Mayport Boat ramp)
I'll be at the Gander Moutain Store, up off Duval Rd. at the Northside "Town Center" again, for their "SPRING FLING".

Festivities start at noon, so I guess I'll be doing a seminar then too.  Last year about a dozen or more local anglers attended the seminars held outside the store. I kinda do a impromptu talk on the subjects I love. I'll be discussing, "Jetty Jiggin", Float-rigging, and bottom fishing the granite rocks.  Each topic will NOT be excusive to the fishing of the jetties only. But can be used from Palatka to Brunswick.

So, come on by and get you some "freebies" and check out the sales, and say HI.

Wow, if you didn't already know this.
We're really not having much of a winter.

(Hell, I'm a AQUARIUS)

February is usually BONE CHILLIN' as my dad and I make the drive south for the big Miami International Boat show over Valentines day week. (we used to do that...for at least 10 years straight!)

TOOOO many years we left out of J-ville and it was 30 degrees or below at 5am.

And once there of course I did alot of talking to dealers and other fishing guides. Many of those "south Floridians" treated us from Jacksonville, like we are from N. Dakota or something. (or maybe I was jus' very sensitive)


I even had a fishing guide from SW Florida who was showing off his weird 16' flats catamaran boat taken up with an over sized over the top tower. So over the top, there wasn't any room for clients! He said to me... "You can actually be a 12 month a year guide, UP THERE?"

I said to him, "Dude, it's only 5 hours or so North. It's not like it's Rhode Island!"

But, in his "Cosmopolitan bubble" Florida fishing revolved  around South Florida only.

Well, as far as PRESS coverage, yeah we maybe that red-headed step child to TV shows and fishing magazines. Because the fishin just isn't so easy round here!  It takes SKILL.

But we do and can fish 12 months a year!

And so far this winter season I've only re-scheduled ONE charter and that was back in October!

Long story short...

These are the types of winter's that dreams are made of.

Sweatshirts in the morning, T-shirts in the afternoon. And OH SO comfortable.

Not hot, not cold!

With all this has come early blooming trees, lots of pollen, and Black Drum migrating and Sheepshead spawning come kinda early???  Yes, I said EARLY!

Already I've talked to a local Drum fisherman who's boated many over 20 pounds and even a 40 and a 85 POUNDER!

The Sheepshead are going so NUTZ, that we had to move away from them, while hunting for BIG Trout at the St. Marys south Jetty.

Here's the video:  (also available in post below this one)

When you're getting one after another on Live shrimp and float-rigs meant for Trout...

These fish are on the feed bag, and many are full of roe, and the spawn is probably ready to bust wide open. Or already has?

Sheepshead, throw caution to the current this time of year...Like a buck in rut!

READ, my reports and see the PROOF

I do mucho of "surfing" the web and let me tell ya. I don't see alot of "local" info out there. And if I do, it's reports from months ago, or even YEARS ago.

EDUCATION, INFORMATION, that's what I try to provide "prospective customers".  And believe it or not, even after telling them about checking my reports many people don't sign-up to read these reports. It takes 5 whole minutes or less, and if I was booking a special charter for myself and a friend or relative. I'd be all over these.

I follow about 3 guides and bait shops in Louisiana, because it's different and I want to learn. I view all their "YOUTUBE" videos and reports weekly. It's how I stay informed.  You too should stay informed...If you're already reserved for a day or planning to do so in the near future.

C'C'mon...aboard,  she''s one hell of a fishing machine!

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