Friday, February 10, 2012

2/9 - Brrrr......the front followed me home!

We had some weather while I was over in Louisiana. BIG RAIN, we ain't seen rain like that around these parts since October. But they got it there. Then came the winds from the North, and COLD air.

Well I guess it followed me home, from vacation. Cause today while out with Brian W. from Kentucky it was chilly, and then windy, then a bit sunny and then chilly and windy again, as the N.E. wind blew.

It was GREAT doing a one person trip with a true bass fisherman. No worries. Brian could handle whatever we did.

From Float-rigging, to light jig casting. HE CAUGHT FISH!  And even outfished me. Which is a good thang.

The FULL MOON TIDES made the day a bit tough to work with, and so did the N.E. winds at the Jetties. But Brian flowed like water with everything I wanted to accomplish.

Only took a few pics, but you'll get the idea......

We caught a whole bunch of yellers...boxing a dozen or so along with a few specks.
Then, went up in the river to hunt up Sheeps and Reds. Catching a few Sheeps.
And then the last fish of the entire day was an exact, I mean exact 27" Redbass.


Pinched tail, and exactly 27".Took all day to get Brian his
"R.B." On the float-rig.

The front definately came thru. The "wispy clouds" and cold air, was proof and had us wishing for more clothes!!
It my pleasure to have Brian aboard the JETTYWOLF. We had a great time. Brian took home a bunch of fish fillets for a Kentucky fish fry with his buddies back home.

Next up:

Friday (two fisherman)
Saturday ( Five fisherman!)

When it rains it pours, huh?

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