Thursday, February 9, 2012

2/9 - LOUISIANA, is where I've been!

My dad took me for my birthday (and because he loves road trips) to Louisiana. The Speckled Sea Trout, holy land as far as this "trout freak" is concerned.

Stayed in East New Orleans at Pontchatrain Landing RV Park, right along "industrial canal" that lead to the place I've dreamed of........LAKE PONTCHARTRAIN!

My ""connection"" to fish the lake, never panned out. So I bank fished a bit. Catching Trout was almost too EZ!

Here's all the video's I took while there. - Number one through number four, are all new and of our trip.

The footage I took is self-explanatory, really.
#1 - Our trip to Venice, La. "the end of the world". Venice Marina, unlike anything in ALL of Florida!!!!!
#2 - Bourbon street, French Quarter....of course.
#3 - Bank fishing footage. Catching alot of TROUT!!!
#4 - Where we stayed, Lake Pontchartrain, and Mandeville (northside of Lake)

If you don't know. It is Sportsman Paradise, over there.
-No hard currents
-The perfect salinaty

New Orleans, still is "no prize" that's for sure. But many areas are back and strong. AND SOOO DIFFERENT THAN
J-VILLE, FLA.  Many folks don't care for it. But I thought it was HEAVEN.

Where we stayed was just around the corner from where this TV show was shot at........



Steph said...

Hi Dave, been there too, memorial day weekend last year. Place you stayed at looks great. I checked their site, but they don't have pricing. About what did it run a night there, if you don't mind me asking? Thanks

Capt. Dave Sipler - "JETTYWOLF" said...

Yeah, ya have to call them for prices. Our two bedroom cabin which was very nice I think was a hundred a night. But not sure.

If you brought a boat you can use their ramp and keep in in their lagoon, too.

there's actual "Lodges" around with fishing packages in Hopedale to Venice, also. And other RV sites near "fishing".