Wednesday, March 21, 2012

3/20 - Changes....

ANOTHER BEAUTIFUL DAY!  WOW...slick calm waters, very light winds, blue sky.

But, I do believe because it was the day before the NEW MOON. The day was somehow effected.  Remember now, people don't even know it. But the Moon affects them. "Just ask any Law Enforcement person. They'll tell ya the same thing." Hahahahahaha..Yep, it's funny but seemingly true.

Today, the 21st is actually the New Moon. The "dark side".  For some reason yesterday we weren't effected.  But who really knows?  It could have been a swing in the barometer or something. But today my crew had to work HARD, for everything they got.

Had Mike P. and his son and I believe Brother in laws out, today. A total of four. We started Float-rig fishing the jetties. And it was not long after I could tell "something was off" compared to the day before.

We got a few bites, picked up a few yellowmouth's a small Speckled trout. But damn, I had to move and move and move to keep us in some current and to fiind some good bites.

Picking up a few for the box, but never connecting to any BIG BOYS. Mike's son need a complete azz hander. That's what I wanted. He would have freaked out if a 32" inch Redbass slammed is float-rig. So I kept working it. But the current died and died fast.

So we went and tried some quick bottom fishing before the screaming falling tide started. Got some small Yellowmouths, Seabass, a stinger and a toadfish. Then, here it came..."the brown water!" And with it was huge mats of sargassum weed that had blown inshore. And the anchor kept slipping. That was on the edge of the channel. So I dragged up the anchor and put us against the jetty rocks next. And we picked a Sheeps or two.....

The tide along the rocks was so screaming that the guys had to use 6 ounces, even there!  Oh, it's been awhile since I bottom bumped. And may times that's the reason I don't like too. It's like fishing with a concrete block on the end of your rig.  But, it was the MOON, alll the way!

We eventually tried the same spot that produced 3-5 pound Trout as yesterday.....The current was not perfect by any means. A few were hooked and lost. Mike definately had on a whopper Trout, but it busted off on an abraided leader. Picked up a few more Sheeps as a couple lines were fished on the bottom as we float-rigged out the stern.

Then, Stu picked up this "keeper Redbass". We had a box good enough for a fish fry. So we headed in and cleaned up all the fish. But, because of the new moon it was definately different than the day before with Dave Z.

It's the general rule to fish 3-4 days before any moon, and 3-4 days after. But when all ya get is calls to fish around the moons, what ya gonna do?????  You just go fishing, right?

I hope this weather keeps holding out like it is. Because at least it's just like SUMMER, without the 100 degree heat...."not yet."


Seeing more and more bait along the jetty rocks. Had a past customer and his wife tell me they caught a "float-rigged" Pompano. There's "mega-lopalus" Black Drum out there. Heard of one that weighed 118 pounds??  Which was probbably a new record for Florida, as the record I see for Florida is only 96 pounds. But don't believe the angler did anything about it. Tripletail are around and scattered. I saw some very small pogies jumpin and splatting on the surface. There's over sized jumbo reds on the beach. Soon to be heading up river.

All this means, summer will be here reallly quick!

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