Monday, March 19, 2012

3/19 - SO MUCH TO CATCH.....

Are you thinking about fishin'? Wishin about fishin?

Well, let me tell ya there's so much fishing to do here in Mayport, Florida right now, it's sick!

-T-rex sized Trout's a given
-Black Drum
-Sight cast "Tripletail"
-Coolers full of Whiting.....some Pompano.
-Take the little kids to catch all those Bluefish

If you're bored, it's because YOU don't have a day booked aboard the Jettywolf.

Had Dave Z. aboard today as a "solo'ist", and had yours truely as his personal angling/baitcasting coach. Yeah, I love it when I have one person. It's all about truely guiding versus people management.

We weren't on the "spot" 10 minutes as the sun peeked over the horizon and Dave was already hooked up!

He pitched his float out it drifted and "bobbed", I saw him get sand-bagged a bit and I said "reel, ya got one!" And it was a nice eating size 5 pound Black Drum. Then, on his second drift he gets bit again....and it's a BIG RED BASS!

It was magical.......two pitches behind the boat and two great fish! Then, more Redbass!

It was a great morning. And being "On-Time" and departing early really paid off.  DON'T be late for getting on your boat. I can't believe how many people show up late all the time. We're on Mother Natures time clock, if you want to actually catch fish?

The action was great on the last of the rising tide. And now were were into Trout and yellowmouths.....

None were big, but almost all were 15-17 inches, so they went where?  "INTO THE B-O-X!"

After getting a good many Trout, we tried a little drifting the outside of the beach in 30' of water with shrimp tipped jigs on my deepwater spinner-livebait-combo, I make. And we also ran the rip line seeing if there were any Tripletails out there to sight cast too. No action there, so we came back to the Jetties and the tide was pretty low and the Bluefish were chewin. So we left out and saw a "just caught Black Drum", floating off behind the boat that caught it. I went over and picked up the Drum, "vented it", so it could swim back down and let it go. It was around 60-70 pounds!  Not my kinda fish. But a good catch.

Then it was on to float-rig fishing spot #2.....and the Trout turned into T-REX sized Trout and we finished up our 2 person limit of 12 keepers right there. And a Sheepshead.

The tide was perfection, and this was real genuine float-rigging I told Dave. As we picked off some beautiful Trout up to 5 pounds.
What a great day, and what a great way to end our perfect day! With none other than some GATOR T-Rex Trout.

Then, on the way in I got a call and it was for a 4 person trip tomarrow. Well, if they want fish like these, they all have to just take turns. Two lines out on float-rigs only. It's all about quality fishing not "quantity fishing" in my book. We may toss in some bottom fishing, ya never know. But if you know me, these Trout and Redbass on LIGHT TACKLE is hard to beat.

CALL NOW for F-I-S-H! 


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