Saturday, March 24, 2012

3/24 - Before the rain.....

Had "two Don's" aboard today......Did a late morning start, and finished perfectly just before the rain came. Actually, I put the boat on the trailer after cleaning fish, headed out the boat ramp parking lot, got down the road a piece and "here it came!!!"

Buckets, of big rain. Always what we need around here. With the windshield wipers on hyper-magnun speed I could barely see infront of the truck as I crossed the big Wonderwood bridge.

Although we had to depart "way" later than I normally would. The action was fierce. First 5 fish 14-3/4 inch speck we tossed, and then four Pompano from 14-20".  "I'll say it again.....good gawd how I love TRANSITIONAL times of year!!!" (The 1st is Thankgiving, and 2nd is around Easter)

So what are ya waiting on? Let's go, during this great period of the year. Soon it'll be so hot, this action won't be here.

Departing at 10:30am and all the shrimp were gone and fish were caught by 1:30pm!  One area, NO long boat rides. All fishin'.

After the first flurry of action, the tide went slack, then the wind blew a little out the SW, then the tide started to move again. The two Don's saw how every time their floats moved and covered water, that's when the fish bit.

The guys caught about a dozen more Speckled Trout all keepers up to a genuine GATOR!

The Yellowmouth they caught were good ones up to a few pounds, and I even whacked me a few on a 3/8ths ounce jighead and a brown Matrix shad plastic.

Which brings me to a point. "ya know if you're just looking for fun, the backsides of each jetty produces plenty of fish such as fiesty Yellowmouths and Specks, on nothing but soft plastics....toss in a Redbass here and there also."

I never NOT jig a shad tail when I'm out there. Saves on bait, alot of bait sometimes.  But ya never see anyone ever doing it. Lures, may not keep the "green scourge fish" aka: Bluefish, from biting. But any cheap plastic will work to find schools of fish along the jetty rocks.

No Redbass today, but it was okay. The action was sort of steady, as the tide came and went alot. But like I said, today's short trip ended early as shrimp were all gone. And our timing couldn't have been any better.

Fish buddy the White Egret always shows up for a hand feeding. It's a relationship we've had for a long time. I gave it the name, "Pencil Neck". This bird is way more polite than the Pelican dock buzzards, that's why it gets the special treatment.

Don't think of your "fishing trip" as if you're gonna sit on a boat all day just wetting a line. BECAUSE YOU'RE NOT.
Think of it as a full blow adventure, seeing things, doing things, and learning things. Possibly, a whole new experience!

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