Sunday, March 25, 2012

3/25 - HUH?? Facebook??

Jacksonville's Best Inshore Fishing  (link to my Facebook page)
Why do I have this page.......I'm certainly not 16 years old. Does anyone even know I have this page. I get these Facebook people calling me asking me if I want to "advertise" on Facebook.

I tell them,"are you kidding?"  I tell them, "I have a page, don't care too much about it at all....and that I believe I'm wasting my time anyhow." It's not like I'm a rock band.

I see down the side I have 45 friend'
s, and ONE I found on Facebook, because they send ya too all that high school stuff where you can see if you know anyone from H.S. that's on this thing.

And yes, I found a lovely gal now some 31 years later that was tormented by me and my buddies in H.S. And She was very nice.

No customers flock here (to my facebook page) or ask me "are you on facebook?" Because they usually are well to do, older adults that could care less about Facebook, like me I guess? Although I'm not all that well to do. But older, I guess so.

I don't tell them to "search for me on Facebook" and win a free cup of Starbucks coffee or anything, or a free pack of rubber worms.

Really, is this a waste of time or what?

Someone please tell me something.....Hahahahaha

I do that twitter bullshit too. I send out on twitter these fishing reports.

Have loads of followers and "do I get business from these people in BFE?"


But I get a new follower every day or sometimes 5 a day? What, are these people doing they can't read every B.S.'n thing everyone "tweets".

Wow, just had a new follower while I writing this......"WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE?"

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