Friday, March 30, 2012

3/30 - "P-FISH" excitement!

Had Ed Smith and his wife Patty aboard the JETTYWOLF today. Real nice folks, visiting from Ohio. Going in, I knew the tide was going to be a weak one with a plus .09 on the low tide, and a 4.4 at high tide that was at 2:13 am. So with the falling tide we fished the inside of the rocks and was looking for the same big Trout we had a few days ago.

Only caught one decent Trout, while working through all the Bluefish, and picked up a Sheepshead. But the real puller was the big Pompano that Ed hooked into.

Patty hooked a Spanish Mackerel also, but it ate through her 20# leader at boat side. Boy, you can surely tell the seasons are changing now. Because Ed caught a few small Jack Crevalles also. It's Summer folks. Time for lots of sun screen, lots of ice and drinks, and multitudes of species we haven't seen since last October!

Did get a few Sheepshead as the tide slowed. And picked up a few more Specks and decent yellowmouth Trout.

This is the time of year that is the reverse of the winter months when it comes to tide strength. Now, we'll look to fish those Full Moons and New Moon tides, versus in the fall and deep winter when those tides mean "ludicrous" current. All late next week starting on the 4th of April, we'll get those negative low tides and strong water movement.

And it'll soon be time to put up the float-rigs and hit the bottom with Pogies and Mullet. But at the same time, I've had banner days catching upwards of 33 Reds at the jetties on Float-rigs in the month of May. It depends on the year. But I think this summer is gonna be a "STEAMER". And I'm not looking forward to the heat.

We moved around caught some more Specks and yellowmouth Trout and picked up a second Sheepshead for the box. Fished until high tide working for another Pompano or a Red. But no dice. So we packed it in and went to clean up the fish.  

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