Tuesday, March 27, 2012

3/26 - One for the Ladies....and her name was Pam!

Had Sheldon and Pam aboard the Jettywolf today. It was a GLORIOUS DAY! Absolutely beautiful. With a light N.W. breeze blowing we actually had to wear light jackets. I said to Sheldon and Pam, "Did ya'll bring this coolness with ya?" as they were from Macklin, Saskatchewan! From the "great white north", coming down to visit Sheldon's brother.

But these folks weren't rookie travelers, either. Come to find out this couple are well seasoned travelers, having visited Austrailia, Korea, and other places I would never have thought people would venture too. I was a bit blown away!  Because, for me heading to New Orleans back in February for 3 days, was like a major feat and a undertaking in exploration.

Pam was quite the angler......we started out wackin the small Yellowmouth Trout right away. Dropping a bunch into the fish box. But I could see a change was needed. So being a "spot" fisherman. I don't make radical moves. Just made a re-position and that's all it took.

Pam slams a GATOR!

Oh, what a beautiful fish! I had to do two photos!

The slight move I made put us right on the "specks", and we started filling the box with them. When Pam, hooks another big Trout!  I was "giddy" as a 16 year old school girl. THIS, is what I hoped for.

Like right out of a magazine! Pam is no fishing "newbie", this gal knows what she's doing and can do it well!

We fish and fish and finally we squeeze all the tide we can out the spot. And as I pull away looking at my scopes screen I see a pile of fish. So we drop anchor outside the jetties to see what they were. Pitching 3/8ths oz. Jigs and shrimp, we find they're just small Yellowmouth trout in a school. BUT.....of course Pam hooks up on a "buckin" fish that pulls drag, but gets off. Hmmmm....don't know aht that was but it was significantly larger.

The pogies and Threadfin Herring are out there now. Maybe that's why we weren't getting any Redbass bites.

The BIG switch is taking place! It's time to get some live Pogies for the BIG Reds. I didn't have my cast net on the boat yet, but I can tell ya........"It's on the boat right now!"  So I'm ready. Yes, it's about summer time, already.

We make a move and set up on a area and work jigs and shrimp. The dang Bluefish were eating us outa house and home. But Pam hooks up........and gets a Sheepshead on her Jig and shrimp.

This gal knows what she's doing!
Again.....a 2nd look.

Because of the Bluefish, I make another move. Still trying to get Sheldon bit by a big Red on a jig and shrimp. So they jig as I set out a few bottom baits. And after a little over-kill by the FWC, and then narrowly escaping some USCG harrassment, because we were the closest fruit dangling on the tree, anchored where we were. We're finally LEFT ALONE, to fish. And Sheldon reels up another nice Sheepshead from the deep.

We headed back to the dock so I could clean fish, and I had alot to clean! The couple took away two giant bags of fillets, prime eating, fry'able de-boned, skinned, fillets. After a great day. It was picture perfect out there on the water, with a slight cool breeze and so much fun to be with two angling diehards. Pam, really knew her stuff. And as usual, the gals have a way of wooing big fish to thier hooks.
Pam's  two big Trout made me so proud. They were "sweetheart" fish, for sure!

Your day "can" vary.....My best trip is two anglers. Today, we were highly flexible and could easily move from one direction to another.  Today's fishing was high interactive.

Thanks Sheldon and Pam, it was my pleasure to have you aboard the Jettywolf today.

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