Friday, March 9, 2012

3/8 - What's the wind report...."got me?"

Had Marty L. and his two sons aboard, today. New to the area, they had fishin' on their minds. So, with forecasts that no one can actually figure out. We headed straight to the jetties. I told them, "see how far we're going out here, all this is just to take a look."  The deal was all this just to take a look meant heading over MOUTAINS of water, and as my crew looked "wide eyed" and wondering why this wacko Captain is taking them through seas like this, "just to look!!!"

I have to go look to see if it's fishable. And if it is. You maybe really happy I did what I did. And Marty and sons, were really glad we wet and "looked". Because it was a Slam fest, and I.G. (instantaeous gratification) session.

These guys like 90 % of all my customers have never float-rig fished, and let alone fished in current along ten ton granite boulders. So, a decent amount of time is needed to do as much explaination as I can. But nothing makes up for "just doing".
None of the guys ever worked a bait casting reel, like 90% of my customers, so the first bait out I made the cast to make sure all was working. And I handed the rod off.

Instantly the float went down...........REEEEEEEL, is probably what I yelled! And all I know after that was we were hooked up on a big Junk Yard Dawg called an over sized Redbass.  I'd call that serious I.G.!

Round and round the boat it went and finally it went into the net.

Oh, the hook-ups continued! And a good few were lost at boat side. But rods were bending constantly. All on what I considered to be the "wrong" tide for the spot. But because of the full moon, nothing was gonna be perfect. As we sloshed back and forth in the seas.

These photos do not even come close to being a depiction of the action we had.

All Redbass were over sized but one little 18 incher. That's the jetties for ya...28", 29" everyone except one!

Sheepshead to 7 pounds that ran down the rocks like Redbass on a mission.

I don't really think any of my crew today had any idea what they were getting into.

Here' the only Redbass small enough to keep.

The spaces in the fish box were filled with a few Speckled trout and yellowmouth trout of course. Just enough for a good fish fry.

It was a great day and as the current quit completely so did the bites, so we went hunting up in the river and only found a few bluefish in the screaming full moon falling tide. So as the wind started to blow, we headed back to the dock.

BTW....we were the only ones out where we fished and had the whole place to ourselves. I like to think it has to do with the Jettywolf not minding the drive out into the nasty. Just to take a look.

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