Monday, April 2, 2012

4/1 & 4/2 - Got the Blues......

Man am I upset. I had Greg H. and his two sons aboard on Sunday and had some sweet pics of his son's Trout catches and while trying to delete old pics off my camera I deleted all of them!!!

Sunday, what can I say. Weekends really start suckin this time of year. The amount of boats and people running up and down the river is just insane!!

If you want, I can and will fish Fernandina. Alot less people up there. Jacksonville is just TOO big with too many people on a weekend.

We attempted to Drum fish up river. And out of 10 boats one boat caught a Black Drum! It was terrible. We caught tiny Croakers and yellowmouth Trout, that was it while, Bottom fishing. So we switched over to the float-rigs, and finally caught some Trout. But the wakes and ghetto cruisers going up and down the river was insane.  So we ended up at the jetties and didn't pick up any Trout there.

Then, on 4/2 - Monday I had 4 people, 3 teen-agers and a dad. I wanted originally to go float-rigging, because we always catch fish that way. But, I got the sense that something else was wanted. I wanted to stay away from the jetties. The Bluefish are so terrible out there.

But we went east and bottom fished shrimp along the jetties........Never lost a bait!  So I went and ran the beach and caught a well full of Pogies. And we went back to the rocks and had Bluefish eat every bait, except for a summer special...The Stingray.

We moved from the tips of the jetties to the little jetties and everywhere inbetween. And every single Pogie was bit in half from Bluefish! We couldn't even fish. They're everywhere.

So it was a total bust. 

If you want anything like a quality a trip with three persons or less. Four is for sitting and waiting on a bite when trolling offshore. NOT inshore sportfishing. It's just too many bodies.  I'm thinking of doing a max of 3, soon.

Think Quality!

Now tomarrow I have Bob the "Traveller". And that's it. One Guy.

Bob's an Angler. He WON last years Greater Jacksonville Kingfish Tournament. So we're heading up river, to get away from the Bluefish and concentrate on Trout and Reds.

Hopefully, pics to follow.

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