Tuesday, April 3, 2012

4/3 - A PERFECT DAY...with the Traveller.

What a day!

This is what happens when I get to do a "one on one" genuine guided Charter. Plus, Bob is a 100% angler.

-Perfect weather
-Perfect tide
-Not one Bluefish
-Just one Ladyfish, all day.
-Got as far away from the inlet as possible.
-A weekday!

Started the day off fishing a rock pile covered in Trout, using "poppin corks" and live shrimp. The first cast was a Trout, and the the last cast of the day was also a Trout. Total was nearly 20, easily getting a 2 man limit of 12 up to 20 inches.
Plus a 2 man limit of Redbass from 18 to 24".

Basically had a "full box" by 9am. So we hit one more spot and caught a Trout and Ladyfish. Made a move and before anchoring procured a livewell full of medium mullet around 6-7". Pulled out to a Redbass area and pitched them out on light casting outfits. The current was not moving yet, so we had a few snacks and drinks and when the tide turned, it was "balls to the wall" BIG BULL REDBASS action.

Lost the first two, but then started putting them in the boat. Each and everyone pulled the 30# Boga-grip scale past the 30 pounds that it weighs. My estimation, at least 40 plus pounds about each one. Super Fun on light tackle and live mullet.

This is the way to do a "spring break" weekday!  With just Bob, I was able to get really flexible. And Bob being an avid angler himself, always makes it easier.

Bob won the Greater Jacksonville Kingfish Tournament "aggregate division" last year in his 18' Boston Whaler with the help of his regular tournament partner. And he also places in many local kingfish tournaments, usually being the smallest boat. He says, his secret is "going back to the basics of Kingfishing...."

Our last charter was back in November of 2010. Bob knows when to come and get in on the "best" bites. Our last trip was a big Red and Black Drum waylay!  Here's the report from then, from my "archives" listing along the right side bar of this blog:  http://www.blockurl99.blogspot.com/2010/11/1125-turkey-dayfree-for-all.html 

YOU HAVE TO FISH, WHEN THE FISH ARE CHEWIN'.  Bob keeps up with my daily reports, and knows when to call me.

FISH BOX AT 9:00am.......filling fast!



Received this nice note from Bob, when he got home......

"Hi Dave

What a day! I learned a lot, and had an absolutely amazing time.

I had never used popping corks and live shrimp before. After a day with you, I feel like I could use the technique on my own boat and catch quality fish.

I had learned how to use the float rig when I went on another charter with you. When conditions changed, the old float rig helped to fill our limits with trout.

I don't know what to say about the over-sized reds! Sometime about the 3rd fish I realized that I have to get back in the gym if I am going to take on fish like that on a regular basis.

Thank you for a great day on the water. If anybody reads this and is trying to decide on who to charter in NE Florida - call Captain Dave!!

Bob "Traveller"