Wednesday, April 11, 2012

4/11 - After Tax day.

Well, it seems all is kinda quiet......Till April 15th! (TAX DAY, which falls on a weekend)

15th - one person trip
16th - 4 person trip
17th - one person trip
18th - 4 person trip, plus another 3 boats with 4 people each. A Company group.

But for now on the 12th, I go in for a new O2 sensor and a complete ECU (electronic control unit) change out on the ole Honda 225 outboard. "UNDER WARRENTY" , thankgoodness!

I can understand the O2 sensor. I've been replacing them since I had a HPDI 200 Yamaha, years ago. Why they fail? Honda claims water "mist" can get on it and give a false reading. What do they actually do, ya got me! But every outboard I've had with fuel injection seems to have one. Your vehicles have them.

But since mine has been acting up a little. I believe my fuel mileage has not been as good as it was a year ago.
Although I'm up to something like 1600 plus hours now, on the Honda. I hope that this gives me back the super mileage again that the Honda's are famous for.

Then, Friday late afternoon I do a 2 hour "KIDS" trip with two dads and a few litl' fisherman. We'll hopefully be heading to the jetties and do some fishing on the troll. For Spanish Macs and the Blues.

Had some great fun with a group of Cub Scouts the last time I had kids out this time of year, trolling for the Bluuuuuues.

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